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What is a Good White Color to Paint Coastal Furniture?

There are many different shades of white, but if you are unsure about what to choose, read this article to learn more about the perfect one for your home. Top designers show you where and when to use the color. They will also share which white shade will look best on your furniture. If you’re still stumped, read on for some advice from Kelsey Mulvey, a freelance lifestyle writer for Women’s Health, Marie Claire, and Men’s Health.

Joa’s White

When it comes to white paint, it’s important to use an eco-friendly one, so Joa’s White is a good choice. This paint has a soft, warm undertone and is a good match for rustic elements. It was developed by Fine Paints of Europe and is pigment-based, which achieves a beautiful depth of color. WC-05, on the other hand, has a creamier foundation and makes the room look bright and airy.


While you can’t go wrong with a white coastal decor theme, there are some exceptions to the rule. This isn’t a true white, as WC-05 has a slightly more cream-based foundation. While both whites are appropriate for coastal decor, each has its own advantages. In this article, I’ll talk about some of the reasons WC-05 is a good white to paint coastal furniture.

Belgian White

If you are looking for coastal furniture with a cool undertone, consider choosing a Belgian White. This coastal-inspired paint color will reflect the natural elements around it. Coastal living is often associated with greenery and white furniture will make your coastal decor appear more natural. For this coastal-inspired look, consider adding accents of brown leather or jute. Add a pop of color with pillows and throws.

Cottage Cream

If you’re painting coastal furniture, the white hue Cottage Cream will go beautifully. Its soft and neutral tone will blend well with many accent colors and feel just right on the seaside. It’s reminiscent of the sun setting over the water and the sand beneath your feet. Cottage Cream is a soft, subdued beige with just enough yellow to make it feel like a color. Cottage Cream is a great choice for coastal furniture and can also be used for walls.

Pointing by Farrow & Ball

The whites in this collection are a bit off-white, but still perfectly appropriate for coastal furniture. Pointing by Farrow & Ball, for example, is a warm white that pairs well with cool, neutral colors. With a hint of gray, it’s a versatile go-to color that works well in both traditional and contemporary settings. Pointing also has red undertones, so it pairs well with dusty pinks, corals, and rust reds.

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