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What Happens to the Hide of a Dairy Cow?

Whether you have ever wondered what happens to the hide of a dairy animal, you may be interested to learn about their treatment. Dairy cows are artificially inseminated, raped, and free-stalled. They are then milked, but what happens to their hide? This article reveals the sad truth behind dairy cows’ hide. Keep reading to learn more about their lives and how they suffer.


If you raise dairy cattle, you need to consider how your stalls will affect cow health and comfort. In addition to appearance, stall design is important for your cow’s health and comfort. While some features have been associated with cleaner stalls, it’s important to keep in mind that a cow’s comfort is more important than cleanliness. A deep, well-bedded stall may be better for cow health and comfort, but it will require more attention from you.

Artificially inseminated

To produce the most valuable dairy product, the best method of artificial insemination is to use a dairy cow’s hide. There are several techniques that make this process a viable option. However, one must follow strict guidelines for this process. This article will explain how artificially inseminated dairy cows can be produced. Also, we will discuss some of the risks that may arise from this process.


Recently, an investigation revealed shocking footage of a farm linked to the National Farmers Union. Hidden cameras captured images of the animals’ distressing conditions. In one instance, young calves were left to rot outside. Investigators have also alleged that dairy cows were sexually assaulted by workers. Footage shows workers touching the cows in intimate areas. Clearly, these scenes of animal abuse are a far cry from human love.


A recent study has found that the prevalence of E. coli O157 contamination in dairy cow hides increased when they were transported from one farm to another by a commercial hauler. This study, however, also found a decrease in the incidence of cross-contamination when farm animals were transported by a farmer. Farm animals also received hay in the lairage, and the landing area of the stunning crate was cleaned.

Leather products

It is unclear exactly what happens to the hide of a dairy cow. While leather and hides are both byproducts of the meat industry, they also provide financial incentives for the farmers. Consequently, hides and leathers are not a major driving force in the production of cattle. Leather and hides only account for about one percent of the total value of a processed animal. Because meat is the primary product, even the hides of animals with worthless hides are processed for meat.

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