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What Does Southwestern Decor Say About a Person?

Southwestern decor isn’t fussy and doesn’t require too much upkeep. This type of decor puts emphasis on comfort and practicality, which can lead to more time for friends, family, and hobbies. The natural elements and designs in Southwestern decor can be combined with those of other regions. It’s important to remember that personal tastes and personalities can vary greatly. So, before you make a decorating decision, know what you want from the space.

layered textures

Southwestern decor draws inspiration from the rugged beauty of the American West. As settlers arrived to harsh terrain with limited resources, they incorporated utilitarian items into their interiors. In a bedroom, consider carved bedside tables flanking a sunset-colored coverlet and a graphic woven accent pillow. Hand-glazed table lamps are another great way to incorporate Southwestern style. This style is a favorite among the high-end decorating crowd.

Navajo basketry

What Navajo basketry means to each of us depends on the meanings we associate with them. This ancient culture emerged from the previous world through reed. The central spot in the basket represents sipapu, the Navajo word for birth. The inner coils are white to represent the beginning of life. The outer coils are black, symbolizing the struggle and pain of life. The red bands on the outer edge of the basket symbolize marriage and family and are often interspersed with white light.

woven baskets

If you are looking to decorate your home with southwestern style, you should consider including woven baskets. The history behind the use of baskets in southwestern decor is fascinating. Baskets were an integral part of Native American life. During the Spanish colonial era, baskets were seen as an object of desire for the non-Native peoples who yearned for the exotic.

desert environment

What does a desert environment say about a person? Many deserts have no drainage to a lake, river or ocean, meaning that rainwater pools there. These shallow lakes eventually evaporate, leaving behind the salty playas, or salt flats. Some of the world’s largest playas are hundreds of kilometers wide. The landscape is reminiscent of the ancient ruins of a civilization, with few signs of life.

southwestern area rugs 9×12

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