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What Does Each Design on a Tribal Tattoo Mean?

If you’re considering getting a tribal tattoo, you may wonder what each design means. In this article, we’ll explain the meanings of tribal tattoos’ colors, motifs, and symbols, as well as explain what each design represents. These are important questions to ask yourself before you choose a tattoo design. After all, it’s your body, and it should reflect your personality. Whether it’s a tribal tiger, snake, or shark, you should do your research before deciding on a tattoo design.

Meanings of tribal tattoos

There are many different meanings associated with tribal tattoo designs. Historically, these designs were a way to express a person’s tribal heritage or ancestry. They also look amazing and have a variety of cultural significance. Regardless of where the tattoo is placed, tribal tattoos are extremely popular. This article will discuss the meanings of these designs. We’ll also take a look at the different types of tribal tattoos.


Symbols on tribal tattoos can mean a lot of things. In the case of owl tattoos, for instance, they may mean evil, but they can also mean wisdom. The nocturnal nature of these owls contributed to this belief. But despite this belief, owls are also known to represent intelligence, wisdom, and a desire for knowledge. Elephant tattoos, on the other hand, are beautiful and magnificent statements of self-expression. The largest land animal, elephants are intelligent and have been known to display emotional awareness.


While many tribes of Africa have their own myths and legends surrounding their tats, many are based in Africa. This is because African tribal tattoos are symbolic of bravery and endurance. They are often combined with butterflies, which symbolize transformation and change. A waist tattoo can also suggest a boldness to take on a challenge or confront one’s fears. Some tribes also place a high value on their spirituality, and their tattoos often include pictures of wild animals and trees. Other common tribal tattoos include lions and elephants, which symbolize strength and courage.

Symbolism of colors

The symbols on the face of many tribal tattoos have a meaning. For Native American Indians, certain colors held special meaning. The Navajo tribe, for example, believed that the four colors represented the sacred mountains. The mountains were white, yellow, and black, and the rise and fall of each color represented the alternation of day and night. Hence, the colors white and yellow were used to symbolize mourning, peace, and snow. Green was the color of nature and was often associated with plants, flowers, and seashells.

The symbolism of body parts

A good tattoo design will include body parts that represent your personal values. The words arm and hand represent strength and creativity and are directly related to the subject matter. The leg and the foot represent the need to socialize, move forward, progress, be independent, and be sexual. The feet are also associated with material matters and concreteness. So, you might want to choose an arrow or a horseshoe as your body part.

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