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What Decor to Do in Log Cabin Home

If you’re looking to decorate a log cabin home, you’ve come to the right place. Before you make any changes, here’s a quick look at some important things you should know. Styles, color schemes, furniture, and more will all play a role in making your home a haven. Read on for more tips. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy decorating your new log cabin! And don’t worry; it’s not too late to make a change.

Interior design for a log cabin

There are some specific interior design considerations when building a log home. Log homes tend to dictate their own design, and it is important to consult an interior designer when you’re making these modifications. Some interior designers specialize in log homes and know how to incorporate log elements into their designs. Some of the most important aspects of interior design for a log home include plumbing, lighting, and appliances. The designer can also suggest the use of skylights at key locations.

Natural light is vital to a log home’s appearance, so make sure to include plenty of windows. If you’re building from the ground up, use windows that allow as much natural light as possible. Otherwise, use overhead lights and other fixtures to lighten the area. Another important detail to consider is color. Dark wood stains can make a cabin seem smaller than it is. Colorful rugs and fruits can add color to an otherwise drab kitchen.


One of the most popular styles of decor for log cabin homes is called country modern. This look incorporates all of the elements listed above and adds neutral color schemes and earth tones. Generally, it also features wood accents, sisal rugs, distressed wood, and natural-colored leather. The style also tends to emphasize streamlined furniture and solid fabrics. Bold pops of color will also work well in the decor.

Natural elements are another popular choice for log cabin homes. They add an air of coziness and nature. Using wood logs, bearskin rugs, and antler accents can help you create a rustic, earthy feel. For a more modern look, you can add other elements like a brick fireplace or landscape porch. The key is to add visual weight to your interior design choices. Log cabin homes are traditionally single stories, so incorporating natural elements such as wood and stone will help create a cozy atmosphere.

Color schemes

Log homes usually have tan or golden colors, but you can use any color that works in your decor. Use different shades of the same color on the trim and add contrasting accent pieces. The colors of the trim should complement the logs. If you choose to change the color of the logs, it must be done before it dries. It is hard to change it later. Color schemes for log cabin home decor can be achieved with a color scheme that is both elegant and natural.

White paint can help create a modern look in a log cabin. This color allows you to layer materials and textures while creating a bright and cool ambiance. Black and metal accents, however, can create a stark look. Natural materials, such as wood, will be a great addition to this clean look. Consider using botanical elements to bring out the natural feel of the cabin. However, do not go overboard with your colors.


Whether your log cabin is large or small, the decor of your home can be achieved by using a consistent theme and the right furniture. Light, natural colors, and natural fabrics are ideal choices for the decor of small cabins. To create a rustic feel, you can also use animal-themed accent pieces, such as teddy bears or moose. Natural stone is also a great option, and it contrasts beautifully with wood. Look for accent pieces made from polished river rocks or stone bowls.

Choose furniture that echoes the natural color palette of the cabin. Natural colors are ideal for a cabin on the lake. Log cabin decor may include moose or bear motifs, as well as mounted heads and Northern Pike. For woodwork, you can use birch, pine, or hickory trees. You can also use Mission-style furniture to replicate the look of early America. You can also incorporate western wear into your decor if you like.

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