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What Colors Go With Cowhide Rug?

Considering a cowhide area rug? If so, you will be pleased to learn that this type of rug is not only durable but also incredibly soft and organic. There are many color choices to choose from, including salt and pepper tones and millennial pink. Keep reading to learn more about the best colors to use for a cowhide rug. Here are some ideas for your next rug-shopping trip. Once you’ve decided on your color palette, you can choose the design of your new cowhide rug.

Earthy tones

When deciding on the color and texture of your cowhide rug, keep in mind that natural earth tones go well with the traditional style. These shades will compliment your neutral walls and other furnishings. Alternatively, you can opt for simple patterns and neutral shades, such as white or black. The earthy tones are also ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere. To make the most of your cowhide rug, choose simple, plain colors.

Salt and pepper

The classic Salt and Pepper colors make the perfect combination for a cowhide rug. Bold and dramatic, salt and pepper cowhide rugs are an excellent conversation piece for any room. Available in natural, black, white, and brown tones, salt and pepper cowhide rugs are perfect for a rustic, farmhouse, or industrial look. The colors are also highly customizable, with exotic hides having unique pattern features.

Millennial pink

If you want to spruce up your office space with a touch of personality, millennial pink goes with a cowhide rug. Also known as Scandi pink, blush, or dusty rose, this vibrant color is a favorite new neutral and can be seamlessly incorporated into your space. Here are some tips to incorporate this color into your space. First, decide where you want to place it. The rug should be a central part of the room.


If you’re looking for a unique floor-covering option, brown and white cowhide rugs are a great option. They are an elegant and practical choice that complements many design esthetics and color schemes. These rugs are also great for bedrooms and dining rooms. The classic look of cowhide is also a great way to bring a rustic, earthy feel to a room. Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect cowhide rug:


Traditionally, cowhide rugs come in black-and-white color combinations. However, you can choose any color combination that suits your taste and room design. If you want to add flash to your room, you can purchase a cowhide rug in a flashy color. This type of cowhide is made to have sparkling speckles. It can also be used in a children’s room and layered over sisal rugs for a fun look.


If you’re considering a cowhide rug, you’re not alone! Metallic colors are a modern design trend that adds a unique flair to any space. A metallic rug can enhance your home decor by contrasting solid colors or adding interest to your lighting scheme. Plus, it’s made entirely from natural cowhides, so you can’t go wrong with a metallic rug. Here are some other benefits of metallic rugs.


If you want a unique piece for your room, consider a cowhide rug. They are made by sewing together four-inch squares of cowhide to form a rectangle rug. Then, they are given a metallic effect by hand. These rugs are great for adding sparkle and glamor to any room. And, because each hide is hand-finished, you can choose from many different colors and designs to match your home’s theme.

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