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What Color Wall Paint With Rustic Decor?

A traditional rustic color palette includes deep reds and dark burnt oranges. These complementary colors are perfect for accent walls, entire rooms, and furniture. Sherwin-Williams Rockwood Red SW 2802 is a great option for an earthy deep red vibe. Depending on the room’s size, you can also use shades of green or grey. But don’t go too bold! You can still use a few colors from the traditional rustic color palette to achieve the look you want.

Benjamin Moore’s tan wall paint

If you are considering painting your walls a warm and neutral tone, consider Benjamin Moore’s golden tan. This warm, mellow shade looks great in dining rooms, family rooms, and kitchens. It pairs beautifully with many other colors and can even be used on built-ins and other accent pieces. For bold colors, try Benjamin Moore’s Coastal Path, which resembles the sandy beaches of the Northeast.

Burgundy is a popular rustic red color

When it comes to reds, the shade burgundy is a classic choice. This deep, rich shade of red can be used in many different ways and is often associated with a rustic, country feel. The hex code for burgundy is #800020. The color consists of 50% red, 12.5% blue, 75% yellow, and 50% black, and has a hue angle of 345 degrees. Its saturation is 100%, while its lightness is 25.1%. While burgundy is a traditional color, it is also a great choice for a modern look.


You can use greens for rustic decor in many ways. For instance, a grass green rug and a rustic wood side table can add an indoor garden feel. If you are going for a Mediterranean look, you can plant lush climbing plants on a whitewashed stone wall or down low. Then, add furniture items in a similar green tone. This way, your room will have a continuous stripe. A rustic green accent wall is an excellent way to add a touch of luxury and style to your room.


Greys are a warm and welcoming hue that complements many different decorating styles. In a minimal home, these shades lend a cozy feel. For an even warmer feel, opt for deep greys or a warm shade of red. A grey bedroom is a great place to use these colors. Grey accent walls, a rustic rug, and a fireplace create an intimate setting. These neutrals can work in any space, including a bedroom that faces north.

Deep blues

If you want to transform your home into a cozy and inviting environment, try using a warm rustic tone paint color. Deep blue and green are complementary hues and can make any room appear more inviting. This kind of paint color can bring about a relaxed atmosphere without agitating the occupants. Rustic decor is also good for your mental health because blues and greens are known to have certain psychological effects on audiences. The best way to use these hues is to experiment with different combinations.

Brown leather furniture

If you’re putting together a room for your new farmhouse-style house, you’re probably considering brown leather furniture. This color has rich red tones that go well with brown leather furnishings. Use it to coordinate colors throughout the room. For example, a warm tone like greige on the walls is a great complement to a rustic wood floor, but you can also go for a rust-colored accent wall and a brick fireplace surround. A white marble tabletop adds elegance, and a large potted plant brings the whole scheme together.

Wood tones

Choosing the right wood tone for your room can make a big difference in the look of your interior. Wood tones have undertones, which can make matching them difficult. Try to match them in a similar color family if possible. In a room with many wood pieces, such as reclaimed wood or a dining table with warm grains, try to select similar tones. A good rule of thumb is to mix two tones of wood at a time.


If you’re considering using a rustic decor scheme in your home, there are a number of reasons to go for a neutral color palette. In addition to being a soothing choice, neutrals will also appeal to potential buyers. The colors neutrals will attract are warm grays, browns, greens, and tans. Whether you’re looking for a more modern look or a more cozy and organic feel, neutrals will add a timeless, classic touch to your space.

Gold accents

Adding touches of gold to your home’s interior can make a bold statement. With varying levels of brightness, texture, and shine, gold looks great with a variety of decor themes. Because gold has a warm yellow undertone, it pairs well with other colors with similar undertones, including blue and purple. Gold also works well with black. Read on to discover how to incorporate gold accents into your home’s interior.

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