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What Color to Add to Rustic Grey Furniture

When choosing colors for a room, you’ll want to consider neutral tones. A warm blush pink contrasted with pale gray makes a neutral space. A deep jade green or a muted light blue will bring out the cooler grey tones. But there are some exceptions. The following color combinations may not be as popular as you might think. Try one or more to see what works best in your room.

Carbon is a popular charcoal gray color with a hint of blue undertones

If you’re preparing a grey paint project for your home, you may be interested in exploring the many variations of the color carbon. This dark charcoal gray color actually got its name because it resembles the substance that wood is turned into – carbon. The wood then becomes charcoal, which is used to create fires. As you may have guessed, charcoal has both a black and a gray undertone.

Orange accents with grey accents

When choosing the hue for your walls, try to choose a light grey. This neutral hue is suitable for both modern and traditional decor. It is neutral, yet evocative of rustic charm. The best way to achieve the look you want is to pair it with natural materials, such as stone or wood. When you use darker furniture accents, you can create a dramatic look. Adding orange and grey accents to your grey furniture will give your space an interesting and dynamic appearance.

Deep jade green walls

A room with deep jade green walls will create a sophisticated contrast with the neutral and rustic grey furniture. Incorporating a mirror and curtain rod will add a touch of luxury to this scheme. If you have dark grey furniture, you can choose to put a large print wallpaper behind the bed. To break up the deep gray walls, you can use white or metallic accent colors. If you are using wallpaper as the primary color, you will want to keep it to one section of the room. If the room is small, a large pattern could overwhelm the space.


If you’ve decided to add camel color to your rustic grey furniture, you’re not alone. This soft shade of brown goes well with golden/aluminum faceted drum coffee tables and accent chairs. It will also work well with a farmhouse-style modern rug. Here are some tips to make your camel-colored furniture stand out. Just don’t use it too much! Just a little goes a long way!

Lighter shades of gray

For a sophisticated touch, try adding a hint of indigo blue to rustic grey furniture. The undertone of blue in grey is perfect for accents and furnishings. Wool blankets, felt cushions, wicker baskets, and linen throws can add coziness. You can also use patterned wallpaper in blue to add personality to the space. Here are some ideas for bringing indigo blue into your room:

Textured walls

If you love the look of rustic gray furniture, you may want to consider textured walls. These walls are not only visually appealing, but they can also help you hide fingerprints and smudges. There are many options for textured walls, from high sheens to low sheens. This article will discuss some popular textures and their benefits for your decor. Adding a textured wall can give your room a completely new look, and make it feel like you’ve invested time and money in your new decor.

Wooden panels on the wall

For a sophisticated touch, use reclaimed planks. Smooth surfaces and cool color palettes add a sophisticated touch. Use a subtle shade of gray to add contrast and depth, and consider extending the beadboard to the ceiling. Battens spanning the seams add a pleasing panel pattern. Wooden panels can also be used to accent a rustic grey furniture set.

Textured ceilings

When decorating with rustic furniture, textured ceilings are a great way to bring out the look. They can be achieved in several ways, including wood, brick, or concrete. Depending on the space, you could also choose one that is painted in a neutral color. This would go well with rustic grey furniture. You could also try using a deep red color like Rockwood Red by Sherwin Williams, which would look great against white or cream walls.

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