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What Color Sells the Best Light Blue Or Lime Green in Beach Furniture?

Benjamin Moore’s Topsail and Sleigh Bells are light, blue-green paints that pair beautifully with water outside your window. These paint colors can be slightly blue or green, depending on the nearby colors. Benjamin Moore’s Athens Blue and Sleigh Bells are two other examples of beach furniture paint colors that sell well. While both are great choices for beach furniture, you may want to consider a different shade if you are in the market for a new sofa, armchair, or table.

Benjamin Moore’s Athens Blue

In beach chairs, cushions, and other furniture, consider Benjamin Moore’s Athens Blue (797). This heavily saturated medium blue evokes the rich blues of the ancient Greek city. It’s more blue than cyan, and pairs nicely with whites that are cool and bright. This coastal hue also makes your beach furnishings feel nautical. It’s especially a good choice for outdoor spaces, such as decks and chaise lounges.

Benjamin Moore’s Sleigh Bells

Benjamin Moore’s Sleigh Bells and Topsail are both light shades of blue-green. They’re both soothing, and they pair beautifully with the water outside your window. The shade itself can take on a blue or green tint depending on the surrounding colors. For a more dramatic effect, consider mixing two different shades. A hint of green can bring an even more serene feel to your furnishings.

Valspar’s Turquoise Porcelain

Coastal colors such as light blue and green are universal, and turquoise porcelain paint is a great choice for beach-themed walls. This saturated blue is a touch green and gives a vibrant, seaside feel. It’s also an ideal accent wall color and serves as a lovely contrast against white. Here are some other ways to incorporate turquoise into your beach-themed home.

Clare’s Current Mood

When choosing a paint color for your room, choose a hue that has a warm, romantic feel. Clare’s Current Mood is a rich, deep green with a subtle blue undertone. It saturates a room and requires lots of natural light to be well-integrated. The color also works well with other hues like white and cream. Caitlin Murray suggests Farrow & Ball’s Inchyra Blue, which is a beautiful mid-tone that walks the line between blue and green. While it is a sophisticated hue, it also reads as stimulating and complex.

Sherwin-Williams’ Kombucha

There’s something very soothing about a soft dusty blue, especially when used on beach furniture. Like the soft sand on the shore, this color evokes memories of summer and comfort. It’s also related to nature, so it complements many styles and ages. As an added bonus, it looks great with pastel shades.

Sherwin-Williams’ Silver Strand

If you’re in the market for new beach furniture, consider a color that will brighten up your room without being too overpowering. Light blue or lime green is a great choice for furniture, and you can also use it as an accent color on walls and pillows. The color changes depending on the lighting and the time of day. Sherwin-Williams’ Silver Strand is a cooler gray with blue-green undertones. This color can be used in any room and can coordinate with any other accents you have.

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