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What Color Goes Good With Rustic Furniture?

If you want to add some warmth to your rustic-style home, try using deep reds. Deep reds include mahogany, burgundy, maroon, and many shades of orange. Red should be more orange than purple, but too much plum will ruin the rustic charm. The color maroon is a rich, warm hue that works in any season. In fact, it looks great in summer and autumn as well!

Sage green

While sage green has a neutral undertone, a pale shade will enhance its warmth and complement other colors in the room. It will also look beautiful with white trim and black-framed wall art. Sage green and red can also work together in a combination. These complementary colors can be paired to highlight decorative details and architectural features in a room. They are also complementary to one another in hue and saturation. Those who are new to decorating with greens should consider shades of white, gray, or tan as an alternative to this neutral hue.

Light blue

Light blue is a versatile color that complements rustic furnishings and can easily be assimilated into a room with pine furniture. Light blue helps to balance the warm tones of pine furniture, while dark blue is more dramatic and difficult to use with lighter-toned pine furniture. In addition, dark blue will make rustic furniture look outdated, so it’s best to use light blue on furniture with darker tones of pine.

Light gray

If you are looking for a neutral wall color to accent rustic furniture, light gray may be the perfect choice for you. Light gray is a warm, earthy color that contrasts beautifully with wood and stone finishes. Dark accents like distressed leather armchairs or a spindly driftwood floor lamp will add depth and texture to your room. And a fiddle-leaf fig tree will give your space a hint of green.

Light brown

You can pair rustic furniture with many different shades of brown. If you want a color combination that goes well with brown, try using a cooler shade. Brown has a yellow undertone and contrasts well with blue and green colors. A cool color will draw attention to the warm tones of brown and the furniture in the room. For a more contemporary look, consider using orange accents in your room. And if you don’t like the look of brown in your living room, you can also pair it with a darker shade.

Warm off white

The warm off-white color is a great choice for rooms that feature rustic furniture. It has a neutral effect and can complement the natural wood while adding color. Pale neutral colors with warm undertones are a great choice for rustic-style decorating. A cream-colored paint provides a warmer off-white effect. But be sure to read the paint manufacturer’s instructions before buying any white paint or faux finish.

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