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What Color Furniture Should I Get For a Log Cabin?

When it comes to colors for a log home, whites are the most popular choice, but you can liven things up with brightly painted furniture and fabrics. My friend Ms. Terry, for example, recently had her sofa reupholstered in a warm yellow and painted her kitchen cabinets butter yellow. She also has blue and white vases flanking her kitchen fireplace mantel, as well as cotton branches.

Lighter wood tones

To create a cozy, natural-looking cabin, consider mixing different wood tones in your home. You can use a white rug to separate dark log furniture from the dark floor, and a white artwork or accessory to break up warm wood furniture. You can even stain your furniture to create a uniform look, but make sure not to match pieces exactly. Exaggerated matching will create a less natural look.

Neutral colors

White and grey neutral walls make rooms seem more spacious and airy. A soapstone farmhouse sink and white quartz countertops complete an efficient kitchen. Neutral colors, like sage green or white, are perfect for a log cabin interior. And they can be mixed and matched with virtually any accent color. In particular, sage green works well with predominantly white or gray rooms. A splash of pink can add a pop of color, but not overwhelm the room.

Moose motifs

If you’re going for a rustic cabin decor theme, you can go for a moose motif. They are not only beautiful but can also make for great accents in any room. A moose rug is a great way to incorporate the moose theme. Not only do they look great, but they can also help to tie in other wildlife decorations in the room.


A log cabin has many classic elements that make it a cozy place to live. From braided rugs to dried flowers, the home decor should reflect these elements. Animal prints and rustic icons are popular accents for log cabins, and you can incorporate them into your home decor through rugs and furniture fabrics. Natural stone accents and hues are also a great way to create a log cabin look, as they contrast beautifully with wood and other rustic materials.

Amish furniture

Log furniture is the perfect addition to any rustic cabin. The handmade quality of Amish furniture is unmatched by any other brand. Made in the United States, Montana Woodworks crafts heirloom quality furniture for your log cabin. They use only dead-standing Lodgepole Pine logs for their superior strength-to-weight ratio and natural straightness. Each piece of furniture is individually hand-crafted in small batches and assembled by Amish craftsmen in their Shipshewana, Indiana, factory.

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