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What Color Furniture Goes With Knotty Pine Small Cabin Paneling?

Many homeowners ask: What color furniture goes with knotty pine? Knotty pine small cabin paneling is a popular finish used in summer cottage construction, and was common throughout the 1950s and 1970s. You can read about the pros and cons of this paneling, including why you should paint over it, as well as how to style it. Home Glow Design shares some great tips for styling knotty pine paneling.


A simple white-on-white room can be a striking combination. To add some visual punch, try mixing knotty pine paneling with colorful pieces from your favorite thrift store. Or go for mid-century modern pieces. A large piece of art pottery will look great atop a knotty pine built-in bookcase. And when it comes to accents, colorful art pottery can add a touch of color to a room.


Colors that go well with knotty pine are warm hues, such as blue, brown, and orange. The natural color of knotty pine brings a warmth to the room and complements a variety of decor styles. If you have a small cabin with knotty pine paneling, it will be more attractive to pair the walls with a warm color, rather than a neutral. You can complement the look of knotty pine with a soft gray, but a white wall will still look fine.

Pale neutrals

To complement the warm hues of knotty pine, use pale neutrals throughout. For example, blue-green walls are a good choice, since the shade has cool undertones that complement the pine furniture and natural wood tones. Blue-green is also a more popular color choice than blue-purple, which adds balance and cooling. For a beachy atmosphere, go for shades of blue-green.


When decorating your small cabin, a classic color palette is ideal. Choose a paint color that compliments the rest of the home, and remember that yellow can fatigue the eyes more easily than any other color. Here are some tips on using yellow in a small cabin. You can add a touch of fun by adding yellow furniture. Yellow is a warm, cheerful color that complements other wood tones. Yellow can also be used as a neutral, so be careful not to go overboard with it.


Knotty pine can be tricky to decorate with the right colors. While it is a beautiful wood with a warm look, it is often not a good idea to use bright colors on your walls. Instead, opt for softer, neutral colors like beige, white, and pastels. You can also opt for red-brown shades, which work well with large bedrooms. However, these colors may be too warm for some small cabins.

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