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What Color do Walls Go With Rustic White and Tan Furniture in Office?

If you’ve got rustic white and tan office furniture, you may be wondering what color walls will work best. Here are some suggestions:


Ivory is an elegant, creamy tint that can enhance any room. It was prized in many cultures and was associated with luxury and wealth. Now, ivory is associated with cleanliness, elegance, and a calm feeling. While ivory is a luxurious color, you should use it sparingly in the living room because stains will show up easily. It’s best to opt for area rugs in ivory, which are easier to clean than a carpet.

Ivory is a lighter shade of white than cream. It’s closer to yellow on the color wheel and is therefore a bit warmer and less bright. The same goes for tan. However, ivory and cream often don’t go together, so it’s best to experiment with them to find the right balance for your space. It doesn’t look bad with rustic white and tan furniture in an office, but make sure to think about what you want to achieve first before you decide on the color scheme.


Grey walls go well with rustic white and tan office furniture. But the shades may not be the same. You can opt for contrasting finishes or choose one shade that complements the other. If you are going for a soft and neutral look, try a pale blush pink with cool grey tones. To bring out cooler grey tones, choose a light blue with a warm undertone.

Then, there’s the matter of the furniture: light gray is an excellent choice for this style of office. But grey may not suit all furniture styles. Darker shades of color can distract. A light shade of grey can work well in a room with brown furniture. Try a multi-joined lamp, a painted table leg, or a marble fireplace. Using a lighter shade will help the entire look come together.


If you’re looking for an easy way to update your office decor, consider painting your walls pink. This color combination is neutral that will add a subtle touch of glamor to your space without competing with the furniture. The tricky part is choosing the right shade. You’ll want to stick with a pale pink or blush pink to avoid overpowering the room. Alternatively, you can use a muted light blue if you’re going for a more neutral look.

When decorating with pink, you’ll want to keep the overall color scheme neutral, as it may be difficult to match. If you’re decorating a living room, consider using pink paint in a complementary shade. Consider adding a pink geometric beanbag to add a pop of color to the room. Another way to mix pink and white is to add high-contrast shelving and patterned pieces.

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