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What Artificial Plant is Best For a Western Decor?

If you’re thinking of adding a plant to your western-themed home, but don’t know where to start, you’re in luck. There are many choices available. This article will explain the best plant options for your home, from Snake plants to Split-leaf philodendrons. If you don’t have time to search for real plants, you can always opt for an artificial plant.

Split-leaf philodendron

Split-leaf philodendra, also known as Hurricane, Swiss-cheese plant, or Hurricane philodendron, are tropical plants with glossy leaves and mounding shapes that blend with contemporary decor. Despite their name, Split Leaf Philodendrons need indirect light to thrive, although they are more tolerant of low lighting if given enough time to adapt. To grow healthy and lush leaves, you will need to regularly mist the plant and fertilize it with a liquid fertilizer.

For best results, plant your Split Leaf Philodendron in an east or south-facing window. Direct midday sunlight can burn the leaves of a Split Leaf Philodendron, so choose a room with filtered or indirect sunlight. It likes about forty percent humidity and consistently moist soil. To care for your Split Leaf Philodendron, water it when its top inch feels dry.

Snake plant

If you want to decorate your home with a beautiful snake plant, there are several things to consider. While many people believe that snake plants need low light, they will do just fine in an office without much natural light. Despite its name, the snake plant prefers bright indirect light and will grow best in offices that lack natural light. The plant will still grow well near a window, but the direct sunlight bleaches its leaves and won’t produce the same color as plants that receive less light.

While most snake plants have flat, thin leaves, the more dramatic varieties feature long, slender stems and thick, slender leaves. The black coral snake plant, for example, is the tallest snake plant and has black or dark green leaves. The black gold snake plant, on the other hand, has dramatic blade-like leaves with yellow edges. Fernwood is another option for decorating with snake plants. Fernwood produces flowers that are sweet and sticky, although the leaves are not edible. Birds Nest, on the other hand, has a light, funnel-shaped leaves.

Fiddle-leaf fig

If you’re looking for a fig that will enhance your western decor, try purchasing a fiddle-leaf fig. These plants require bright, filtered light and prefer east or north-facing windows. They also tolerate some amount of direct sunlight, but midday sun can burn their leaves. To prevent this problem, keep your fiddle-leaf fig out of drafty areas and away from air-conditioning vents.

A fiddle-leaf fig should be grown in a pot that is slightly larger than the plant’s original container. Using a larger container helps the plant adjust to its new home and provides better drainage. Use quality houseplant soil to provide the proper nutrients and improve drainage. You should remove any dead or damaged leaves as soon as possible, as they can harbor fungus and another disease.

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