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What Are the Best Tribal Rugs?

If you’re planning to buy a tribal rug for your home, you’ll need to consider the various types and colors available. Grey and cream colors are popular and can introduce just the right amount of pattern and color. They’ll instantly liven up any room, and you’ll be glad you made the decision to buy a tribal rug. Read on to discover more. Here’s some information on these three types of rugs.

Khamseh rugs

A good example of a Khamseh woven rug is the Luri rug. Its central medallion is surrounded by a field of moharamat canes. The center medallion reveals symmetry and the ashkali design is a series of geometric figures. The Luri rug is one of the best tribal rugs available. Its border is made of white and the field is filled with small motifs.

The design of the Khamseh is based on Zoroastrianism, which is the oldest continuously practiced religion in the world. The Zoroastrian rugs also feature the symbol of fire, often referred to as a “Zoroaster” outside of Iran. This reflects the beliefs of the prophet Zarathustra, who was called Zoroaster outside of Iran. The geometric patterns are often based on bird forms or horned animals.

Shirvan rugs

Most Shirvan rugs are 5 x 7 and are narrow and long. They are also typically symbol-filled and are octagon or cross-shaped. Shirvan rugs have a variety of patterns, from geometric and floral to all-over patterns with a hook design. A few of these rugs have lattice works and are woven with a symmetrical knot.

These rugs were made in the Shirvan region of Eastern Transcaucasia, near the borders with Iran, Armenia, and Daghestan in Russia. While these rugs have some similarities with the Caucasus rugs that originated in other parts of the region, they are uniquely Azerbaijani rugs that also show traces of their neighboring cultures. If you’re interested in buying a tribal rug, you’ll want to look for a quality Shirvan rug.

Daghestan rugs

A genuine Daghestan rug is hand-woven in the Northeast Caucasus from the finest wool. The pile is made from hand-spun wool and has an angular hook, which may be the result of Chinese influence or a latch hook. Some of the designs of Daghestan rugs resemble the Chinese fret. Unlike other Turkmen or Asia Minor rugs, the Daghestan proper exhibits more development. Some Yomuds are also within the same general family as Daghestan rugs.

A rare Daghestan rug has an appealing design and is highly collectible. The exact placement of important motifs makes it look very attractive. This is because the design is based on the ancient traditions of the tribes. The Daghestan rug is one of the first Oriental fabrics to make its way into the United States. These rugs are now being sold for five times the price that they sold for twenty-five years ago.

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