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What Are Cowhide Gloves Used For?

If you’ve ever wondered what cowhide gloves are, you’re not alone. They’re used for everything from riding horses to constructing boats. If you’re not familiar with cowhide leather, you’ll be happy to know that it’s one of the most durable materials on the market. But before you buy cowhide gloves, read on to find out what it is actually used for. Listed below are some of the benefits of cowhide gloves.

Cowhide leather

Among the many uses for cowhide leather gloves, working with them is one of the best options. These gloves are made of top-grain cowhide, which provides the highest level of durability and abrasion resistance. Top grain cowhide is also softer and more flexible than nubuck leather but lacks the appearance and suppleness of Hairsheep leather. But these gloves still offer high levels of protection.

Pigskin leather

While leather is synonymous with cowhide, there are many different types of animal hides that can also be used. Goats, deer, buffalo, sheep, snakes, and stingrays all have skins that are suitable for use as leather. In this article, we’ll look at what you should know before investing in a pair of pigskin leather gloves. And as you’ll see below, the benefits of these leather gloves are far greater than you might think!

Sheepskin leather

Sheepskin leather is soft and absorbent. Because of this, cowhide gloves can be made from this leather. The leather is usually dyed in an aniline process, which protects the natural beauty of the material. Other methods of dyeing only apply a topcoat of dye, leaving the leather looking uniform. Before dying sheepskin gloves, be sure to clean the leather first. If you must apply any type of cleaner on the leather, you must be sure to test it on a small piece first.

Buffalo leather

Buffalo leather is similar to cowhide in both quality and price, but it is much tougher. Buffalo hides are also more flexible and durable than cowhides. Both are popular with ranchers for their toughness and durability. Buffalo leather cowhide gloves are used for many different tasks including handcrafting, construction, and leatherworking. Here’s why buffalo leather gloves are more expensive than cowhide. Let’s explore the difference between buffalo leather and cowhide.

Wells Lamont cowhide leather work gloves

Genuine grain cowhide leather work gloves are made with superior puncture and abrasion resistance. They feature a reinforced leather palm patch that increases grip and durability. Keystone thumbs and gun cut design add comfort and style. Wells Lamont cowhide leather work gloves feature superior abrasion and puncture resistance. A wide range of work environments demands gloves that offer durability and comfort. Wells Lamont cowhide leather work gloves are available in many different styles.

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