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What Accentcolor to Add to Rustic Grey Furniture?

If your room is decorated in a warm, earthy color scheme, the natural brown of your rustic gray furniture would be the perfect accent color. This warm color will bring warmth to the room, while at the same time adding to the look. The gray color is often compared to warm or cool colors, like gray, beige, or camel brown. Here are a few ways to balance out the gray hue in a room.

Warm gray

If you’ve been thinking of painting your rustic grey furniture, try using a warm gray accent color. This neutral color is great for rooms with wood and white trim. It pairs well with light-colored furnishings and can be paired with other warm grays, such as beige and pink. Alternatively, you can use a cool gray accent color, such as Benjamin Moore Super White. A warm gray accent color can also be paired with lighter colors to create a dramatic effect.

Cool gray

The best way to pair a rustic grey piece of furniture with a cool gray accent color is to mix two different shades of the same color. Gray and brown are a great color combination. You can pair them for an even warmer look by choosing a grey with a reddish undertone. You can also use white to bring out the earthy reds. The ideas above will never go out of style.

Camel brown

Adding a camel brown accent color to your gray furniture may not seem that exciting. After all, camel brown is a sandy color with golden yellow hints. However, this color is a smash hit in the furniture industry, and it is gaining popularity as people begin to look for matching sofas. This shade of beige is a great way to bring a more natural, earthy look to your living room without going overboard.


When choosing the color scheme for your living room, consider incorporating beige accents. Beige walls will balance the grey furniture beautifully while maintaining the warm feel of the space. Light tan and khaki are complementary to beige and work well with most other colors. You can also add dramatic contrast with bold shades of blue. Dark blue and royal blue are gorgeous accent colors to add to a beige room. A light shade of blue on the ceiling will make the walls look more open.


If your furniture is rustic grey, you may want to consider a gold accent color. It will add a touch of luxury to your home while incorporating warm earth tones. A reddish shade of brown, burnt sienna combines the warm browns of your home with the vibrant reds associated with excitement and passion. It will also give your furnishings an air of sophistication. However, before adding a gold accent color to your rustic grey furniture, you should make sure you know exactly what kind of shade you’re looking for.


For a fresh new look for your home, try introducing pink accent color to your rustic grey furniture. Grey and pink were once the color power couple. Now you can add a warm blush pink accent color to a grey room for a fresh, neutral look. And a muted light blue accent will bring out the cool undertones of grey. The possibilities are endless! Read on to find out how.

Wooden accent wall

If you love the look of rustic grey furniture, consider adding a wood accent wall. Wood is a popular material for accent walls, and you can choose whitewashed or reclaimed wood in many different shades to create the ideal setting for a cozy fireplace and a rustic grey furniture set. In this living room, the wood accent wall is used to hold a few wall lamps and a window, as well as serve as a shelf. In this room, the color of the wood also matches that of the wood flooring.

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