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Western Rugs Made 100% in the USA

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The great thing about western rugs is that they look lovely on your floor in a niche way while also paying homage to the rich culture of the people who flourished in the North American west centuries ago.

Our collection of western rugs is so diverse, from western runner rugs to octagonal rugs. We know you’re bound to find something that fits right into different rooms and complements your furniture, whatever it might be.

Fear not, though! The aesthetics aren’t the only factor we focus on, but the design too. We’ve delicately designed each of our rugs to stand the test of time and other conditions while always making you feel like you’re walking on soft grass.

So read on to learn more about ourselves, our western rugs, and our production practices that ensure you’re getting the best product out there.

About Us

We’re a fairly modest bunch located in Dalton, Georgia, the carpet capital of the world.

But despite the city of Dalton carrying such a respectable title, we’ve noticed many people who try to circumvent ethical standards for a quick buck in the carpet market by offering a cheap western rug made in an overworked factory lineup somewhere in a foreign country.

Well, we beg to differ. We treat our customers as we’d like to be treated ourselves, and we know for a fact that we wouldn’t accept an inferior product anywhere in our houses.

That’s why we ensure everyone at our company is as knowledgeable about rugs as you can imagine. So we can offer you rugs made only of the highest quality materials and authentic Native American aesthetics, all made here in the USA and with zero landfill waste.

Furthermore, our customers’ feedback is crucial to our business, as we note every detail our customers tell us about so we can continue improving our rugs using firsthand experience-based advice.

Our Western Rugs

Behind each of our western rugs lies a delicate production process that we’ve perfected throughout our years of experience as a premium rug company.

Our western rugs are made of premium EnduraStran nylon that’s durable and made to stand the test of time.

We also incorporate several modern techniques, such as loc-bak technology and chemistry, to enrich our rugs with additional properties that increase their durability, such as stain resistance and fire resistance.

Let us tell you about the attributes of our rugs in a bit more detail.

Made of Premium EnduraStran Nylon

We use premium-quality nylon from EnduraStran to produce our rugs, and we trust them with making some of the most resilient fabrics out there that allow us to offer you our sturdy products.

The Benefits of Nylon

Nylon has one of the best combinations of affordability, durability, and elegance, and it naturally avoids flattening even under heavy traffic. That’s why we use nylon in our western rugs, so we can give you a rug that can live longer while still looking fantastic.

And just because nylon is a resilient fabric doesn’t mean it can’t be soft. Quite the contrary, nylon is very versatile because it gives us total control over its composition during its construction to offer comfort and coziness in our nylon rugs.

Loc-Bak Technology

All our nylon from EnduraStran is reinforced with their trademark Loc-Bak substructure, which adds extra strength and support to the fabric we make our rugs from.

Loc-Bak reinforcement provides additional structural stability so that our rugs maintain their size, shape, appearance, and condition for longer, even if they’re exposed to heavy traffic.

Stain Resistance

Our EnduraStran nylon is reinforced with a polymer called PTFE, commonly used as a coating for non-stick pans and pots. As you can guess, PTFE is the critical material in our rugs’ stain resistance ability since it prevents our rugs’ fabrics from absorbing liquids. So if you spill something onto your western rug, you can easily clean it off without leaving any stains.


Our EnduraStran nylon has been tested to guard against several forms of microbes, such as mold, mildew, fungi, and bacteria, so you’re guaranteed hygienic rugs for you and your family.

Durability Grade

Our EnduraStran nylon has a commercial-grade durability rating. The nylon in our western rugs is reinforced and tested to ensure it’s resistant to small ignitions and sparks that commonly come from cigarettes and fireplace embers.

And that’s not all. The yarn system is chemically treated to be fade-resistant, so you can expect your western rug to maintain its charming look for years to come.

Further Reinforcements

Our western rugs are reinforced and backed by a synthetic polypropylene material, which adds to the nylon’s ability to endure heavy traffic while maintaining a soft, cozy feel. We use this to ensure our western rugs last longer without losing their properties.

The Benefits of Our Western Area Rugs

While most people are aware of the cosmetic benefits of rugs, we’d like to tell you about some of the more profound benefits of a western area rug that aren’t talked about as much.

Warm and Cozy

Our western rugs not only look cozy, but they actually are, especially in winter. In cold weather, bare flooring can make it worse by allowing the cold air indoors through floor cracks. But with our western rugs, cold air will be blocked out and your place will be kept warm, which can cut down on your heating costs during winter.

Naturally, the more rugs you have covering the floor cracks, the warmer and cozier you can expect your place to be.

Cold feet in winter are a hassle at best and unbearable at worst, and hard floors can easily make them even more frigid. But with our western rugs, it’s different. You can say goodbye to having to wear socks or slippers indoors because our western rugs will keep your feet warm through winter. By the way, nylon, in particular, is one of the warmest materials for a rug – another plus for our western rugs.

Comfortable on the Feet

If you stand in your house a lot or do a lot of housework, then a rug is pretty much mandatory to save your feet from dirt and calluses.

Our western rugs feel like soft grass on your feet, and they’ll eliminate any pain from footwork around the house. So go out there and do your morning workouts and your chores with maximum comfort.

Reduces Noise Pollution

A house with only smooth, hard surfaces is bound to get an echo. And the bigger your place is, the more echo you’ll get. We think this echo gives off a lonely vibe.

Enter our western rugs, which massively reduce interior echo and allow you to hear everything as it should sound. And let us tell you, the difference is most stark when you play something on a speaker.

But it’s not only the echo. You know the thuds you hear when someone’s walking, running, jumping, or moving something upstairs? Yeah, it’s annoying, but what if we told you that you can tone them out with our western rugs? That’s right because a ⅓ inch of nylon is enough to eliminate any thudding noises.


Last but not least, our plushy western rugs protect you, your loved ones, and your items from damage if you fall.

If you have kids, you know how worrying it is when they’re running and jumping around the house. It always looks like they might fall and hurt themselves any minute, but they’re enjoying it too much to stop.

With our western rugs, you can get rid of that worry because they’re so plushy you can afford to trip over them without hurting a toe.

Why Choose Us?

Now that you know more about our western rugs, we’d like to tell you a few reasons why we stand out in the rug industry and why you should trust us.

Our Free Shipping & Return Policy

Rugs infamously take up a lot of space thanks to their length, width, and bulk, so typically, you can expect to pay over $100 just for shipping when you buy a rug.

However, with us, we ship to anywhere in the 48 contiguous US states and Canada 100% free. You only pay for the price of the carpet itself, and we cover the rest.

We also ship to Hawaii, Alaska, and everywhere else in the world, but please contact us with your address before placing your order if you’re outside the contiguous USA and Canada.

And because we know how different products can sometimes seem in person to what you see online, we offer you a 60-day no-questions-asked return policy starting from when you receive your rug, just in case you’re not satisfied with it for any reason.

100% Made in the USA

We take pride in our 100% American production, as we believe local production is beneficial in every way possible for our company, our products, and by extension, our customers. Even if outsourcing is cheaper in the long term, that’ll make our western rugs cheap in quality, and we can’t accept that.

Even more, we don’t like seeing American jobs getting outsourced overseas, especially when we’re producing rugs in the carpet capital of the world.

Imagine you and your family are in the carpet industry for generations, accumulating invaluable skills along the way. Then suddenly, carpet-related jobs are being outsourced, and you find yourself unemployable in the carpet capital of the world. We don’t know about you, but we’re staunchly against this.

Also, when we produce locally here in Georgia, we can supervise every step of the production to ensure our high standards are being enforced. With the factory only a few minutes away, it’s easy to pop in to ensure that everything is going smoothly and by our standards.

On the other hand, when production is taking place on the other side of the planet, it’s challenging to supervise it, especially when you consider the hassle that is long-distance shipping and the disparity in timezones.

All of this also reflects on our customers’ experience, as these obstacles can easily cause delays, and we can’t fall behind on our customers’ orders.

But even if all these obstacles weren’t there, we still wouldn’t pick overseas production because of an important reason – quality.

We understand well that in some industries, American materials or American workers aren’t the best in the world. Japan and Germany are world-renowned for their mechanical engineering prowess, for example.

But with textiles, the USA, specifically Dalton, Georgia, reigns supreme. In fact, over 90% of the world’s carpet production takes place here in Dalton, and we’re proud to be a part of this statistic.

American plants and textile companies have a very stringent set of regulations that they have to follow for the sake of quality control. We also have strict labor laws here in the USA that ensure our workers don’t get overworked, which could result in inferior production.

Last but not least, authenticity is a significant part of our work. We make western-style area rugs that pay homage to the history that took place here, and a foreign worker simply couldn’t understand what makes a rug western. In contrast, an American worker understands and appreciates these designs and the history behind them.

Our Ethical Practices

We have ethical values that we don’t break for a little extra profit. That’s why we clean up after production properly and send no waste to landfills. And as you’re aware by now, all our work is within the USA with American workers. We don’t use cheap overseas labor or, worse yet, child labor to do our work. We want you to always remember this about us: we’re human, just like you.

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