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How To Add Western Cowboy-Style Décor To Your Kitchen

Do you want to have a feel of the Old West when cooking in your kitchen? Simply decorate your kitchen in bold Western style. Once that is done you will have a taste of the lovely Western cowboy ambiance. Start by combining western vestiges with current furniture to give it a genuine cowboy feel with modern amenities. Spread the cowboy ambiance by using your walls, furniture, lighting, window treatments, and accessories.


Start With The Bar

It seems funny but indeed it’s a good place to start. Add a Western-style bar to your kitchen to really get that cowboy look locked down. This can be achieved by casing the sides using old wooden boards salvaged from a pulled-apart pasture fence, rundown storehouse, or disintegrating farmhouse. To the current countertop, add a custom-fitting piece of see-through glass and supplement it with ancient black and white photos of horses, cacti, cowboys, corrals, and other western-like images below the glass to get a spectacular countertop. Using ancient horse saddles, produce customized bar stools with a cowboy fancy touch.

Replicate a Cowboy Campfire

It is impossible to create a campfire at the center of your kitchen. However, you can imitate the soft radiance it produces with a collection of cowboy-oriented lighting. That procedure will be passed to you shortly. Hang a wagon wheel chandelier above your kitchen table and replace regularly suspended globes with a rustic lantern. Mount polished bronze wall sconces fixed with wild Mustang images on plain kitchen walls. Put a kerosene lamp at the center of the rustic kitchen farm table to produce a soft radiance while eating. There you will have a campfire glow in your kitchen.

Textiles and Flour Sacks

Improve your cowboy-looking kitchen with a wide variety of textiles. For instance, cover the window with cotton printed curtains revealing cowboy boots, horseshoes, hats, spurs lariats, southwestern area rugs, western area rugs, and other western-oriented themes. Furnish the seat cushions of your current kitchen chairs with distressed leather to show the perfumed and visual essence of horse saddles and leather chaps. Dry the dishes using simple flour sack towels and lay a larger rug resembling a springing bronco underneath your kitchen dinette. Beautify unadorned walls with colorful horse blankets to improve the Western appearance.

Maintain a Cowboy Theme During Dinner

It goes with no debate that dinnertime was always the favorite part of any cowboy’s day. This is the time he could sit down and enjoy a nice meal after a whole day full of work. Therefore, it had to be made special. You can make your dinner very special in your cowboy-set kitchen. This is possible by casing the table using a white and green gingham tablecloth heightened with red bandana cloth napkins. Fill the table with clay bowls and plates with logos and reuse ancient mason jars as drinking glasses. Use metal flatware stamped with horseshoes and put a salt and pepper shaker set in the form of cowboy boots near an old-fashioned kerosene focus. After that process, you will feel like a cowboy as you enjoy your dinner.

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