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Western Style Home Decor

Most people usually will, at some time, think about how they could improve their home. Several ideas will spring to mind. One of the most common ideas is usually to improve your home decor. Western style home decor might be among the styles you consider adding to your home. Western home decor is a desirable option to consider outfitting your home in for many reasons. Adding western style to your home can be a rather swift and affordable process if you approach it in the right way.

The feel and mood of a room can often be achieved through small subtle changes so it’s not necessary for you to trash all of your old furniture. You can start small with accessories like a few southwest rugs, western rugs, few tablecloths, repainting the room, couch cover or floor cushions, some animal skulls on the wall, some Native American jewelry, and whatever else you come across that can easily get you a long way towards the look you’re going for. For the floor, you want to stick to rugs made of cowhide, sheepskin, or just general western patterns. Things like western shower curtains can help improve the style in your bathroom. Wall art in the form of paintings and carvings can also go a long way and can often turn into a real conversation piece. Other things you may want to consider adding to your home is western lights, dividers, and ceiling fixtures. You can also throw in some fun things like wicker baskets, beads, cowboy boots, etc.

Outfitting your home in western decor is one of the easiest ways to really start to improve the look of your home. Even if you’re no interior design expert, you can still probably have an easy go of it. I’m sure you’ll find that when your home is done, it’s everything you hoped for and more. You’ll walk into your home, guests trailing behind, and a sense of pride will swell within you as your guests marvel at your beautiful western home.


For most western decor styles, a cowhide rug is mandatory. Cowhides have a rich tradition of adorning the homes of western decor and you can’t go wrong with a premium cowhide rug. You may also want to consider blending western and southwest styles together when you’re planning your great home makeover. The two are very similar, but the additions of the Native American style art, intricate and vibrant patterns, and the general Earth and natural tones will surely improve your overall home. It’s going to be everything you hoped for when you finish up; I’m sure of it. I already envy you.

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