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5 Ways To Create A Western Bedroom

How does your bedroom look? Do you admire its appearance? If not, here is how you can update your bedroom using a western theme. These western themes take you back to an inspiring historical time just within your own bedroom.


Below are 5 key sections of your bedroom that you need to redo to give it that western look. Read on to find out more:

1. Window Treatments

Coarse linen, tacked or Burlap sacks fashioned curtains resemble a window from a settler’s log cabin window frame. During the day, tie the curtains in twine but lower them down for privacy at night. You can also add a bit of whimsy by using curtains that contain a western print, e.g., horseback or cowboys that match your perfect Western rug.

2. Accessories

Use side tables that are fashioned from branches or bent woods. A bed that is made from vintage brass and also dressed with pillowcases and lace-edged sheets with a magnificent and colorful quilt. Besides, use a log cabin pattern that has an arrangement with only one block pattern. This block pattern should be formed by using dark and light strips of fabric. This kind of fabric was famous back in the 1800s.

A good reading corner only takes on the western air after it has been furnished with a chair that is upholstered. The chair should be upholstered in faux cowhide or just cowhide and then complemented by a floor lamp that is manufactured from moose antlers or elk. In case you are a lover of animals, human-made material lamps will readily make your bedroom look like moose antlers or elks are present.

It’s obvious that beds manufactured from soften and logs that contain luxurious bedding are always romantic and rustic. Pile your comforter in a beautiful and fashioned duvet cover that has a material that features horse scenes or has a Native American designed border.

3. Walls

A wall that exactly matches a western theme is mostly crafted from unfinished paneling and rustic. A rough-hewn wall with no-frill structures depicts a building that was frequented by a cowboy. You can also use available spaces colors that are drawn from nature, i.e., deep red for the sunset sky, light brown for a wheat field and green for the plains.

4. Floors

Most bedrooms that get their inspiration from the western themes have wooden floors. Warm your bedroom floor using a woven area rug or southwestern rug or a western rug, i.e., one that depicts animals and other natural things such as stars, the sun, the moon, and thunderstorms. In case you have a carpeted floor, lay the area rug over the carpeted floor.

5. Ceiling

You can redo your ceiling by painting so that it looks like the night sky. Some of the things to include in your painting are the full moon and the stars that lie against a background that is deep blue. In case you prefer something that isn’t very dramatic, you can install ceiling beams to make your bedroom resemble a bunkhouse.

It’s quite cheap and less time-consuming to paint a ceiling using colors that fit a Western theme.

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