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How to Decorate a Western or Cowboy Bathroom


If you are a lover of the wild west, you can bring the passion to life by using Western-themed decor in your bathroom. The cowboy-themed decoration, depending on what you want, can be wild, calm, or elaborate. Decor choices are an amazing way to display your personality as well as your antique Western collections. You may just adore rustic decorations or even just want to bring into reality your wild west fascination. Whatever the reason is you get to put an aspect of your person on display.

Floors and Walls

Before adding extra decorations, using wood for your floors and walls creates a deeply rustic and Western-like appearance that will look great. The room is finished using reclaimed barn walls and knotty pines. Both of them offer a very distinct appearance that brings the mind to the great American West. This is especially done by the vintage and aged look of very old wood. Using old reclaimed wood either from a barn or factory just for the flooring authenticates the vintage decor hanging on the wall. If you’d like something to catch the water when you step out of the shower, your mind wants to look into placing southwestern rugs or western rugs on the floors.

Making use of wall decor is essential in creating a cowboy-like room, as they bring life into your western room. Wall accessories might include painting the walls in Western shades or tans, whatever they may be, they play a major role in enhancing the Western feel of a room.

Hanging Decor

Hanging spurs off the wall close to the sink of the bathroom act as a holder either for hair dryers or drinking glasses. Instead of using regular towel holders, a stirrup can add some flair to the room. You can also place a ranch or horseshoe sign above the entrance of the toilet section or right above the bathroom door, to further propel the cowboy vibe.

Relevant Patterns and Accessories

Utilizing roping instead of standard picture frames tends to add a deep western look. Furthermore, in creating a Western-decorated bathroom, even minor details like your towels or shower curtains patterns matter a lot. A horse towel or a shower curtain that has pictures of wild wolves howling at night in a Western background will definitely bring your cowboy fantasy to reality. Various western patterns that will enhance the look of your bathroom are ropes, branding irons, ranch letters, etc, these all enhance the effect.

Another interesting method to bring out the Western life in your bathroom is working the floor rug or bath mat by making them up of ropes that resemble a lasso. Toilet paper holders, which are created to resemble horse bridles or spurs. As well as using a toothbrush that features cows, horses, and toothbrush holders with the same patterns.


In conclusion, it is very important to achieve cohesiveness throughout your design, that is, if your curtains have patterns of cows, your towels and rugs should also have the same, so as to create a very uniform Western decoration. This is vital in ensuring you do not just have a western decor bathroom but it is also beautiful to look at due to its uniformity.

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