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Western Auto Furniture Is Not Limited to Texas

If you’re in the market for furniture, you might want to think about Billy Price’s business. However, this type of furniture business is not limited to Texas. In fact, it can be found in a variety of different places, including Green’s Furniture in Newport, Tennessee, Wizard Outdoor Equipment in Minden, Louisiana, and White’s Auto Stores in Wichita Falls. In addition to selling furniture and auto parts, these companies also offer outdoor equipment and other items.

Billy Price’s furniture business

In 1959, Billy Price opened a Western Auto store in Levelland. Later, the store became an Ace Hardware store, and in 1988, Billy Price expanded the business to include a furniture store. He also served as the president of the Levelland Boys Club and was a founding member of the local Golden Gloves Boxing club. He was also a Masonic Lodge member and past commander of the American Legion post in Levelland.

White’s Auto Stores in Wichita Falls

When we think of Western auto furniture, we often compare it to the products sold at White’s Auto Stores in Wichita Falls, Texas. Although the company started as a local auto parts store, it has evolved to include a wide variety of consumer products. The name “White’s” is still associated with the store, which opened in 1946. The name is no coincidence, as it was named for the company’s founder, Don A. Davis.

Green’s Furniture in Newport, Tennessee

From humble beginnings, Green’s Furniture and Appliances in Newport, Tennessee, has been a family business for generations. Christine and T.L. Green began their business with one bicycle. They fixed it up and painted it, and the business was born. Today, the store sells a variety of furniture, appliances, and electronics, and pride is still very much a part of the company culture. But even as the company has grown, the family values pride as much as they do business.

Wizard Outdoor Equipment in Minden, Louisiana

Located in Minden, Louisiana, Wizard Outdoor Equipment is an excellent source of camping supplies. The store offers a wide variety of outdoor power equipment, including gas-powered push mowers and heavy-duty riding lawnmowers. If you’re planning on hunting or fishing, the store also rents fishing gear. For more information, visit their website. Wizard Outdoor Equipment is open to members of the LANG, State Military Department employees, and the public.

White’s Auto Stores in Minden, Louisiana

If you’ve been to Minden, Louisiana, then you’ve probably noticed that a big piece of Western auto furniture is a huge white car. The sign for the former Western Auto associate store in Minden, Louisiana has gone to another location, but the name is still the same. The remaining Western Auto stores are in Newport, Tennessee, and Minden, Louisiana. If you’re looking for an affordable car accessory, Western Auto may be the store for you.

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