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Wall Decor For a Rustic Living Room

If you love the rustic look but want to make your living room modern, consider incorporating an exposed brick wall, rough wooden rafters, and varnished wood flooring. Pair the exposed brick wall with two silver lamps beside a leather sofa and a geometric coffee table in black and white squares. Leaning against a wall, a vivid band photograph will add a funky edge. A monochrome board with your own itinerary can add interest and texture.

Floating wood shelves

Floating wood shelves as wall decor for a rustic living room can add an extra touch of style. These shelves feature a distressed finish, making them look even more rustic. You can achieve this look with a mixture of vinegar and fine steel wool. You can do this without removing the paint, making it look too intentional. You can find more tips on how to use vinegar in decorating. Wooden shelves are versatile, and a simple design can fill a blank wall and add extra storage space. A floating shelf can also be used in a pantry or closet to add additional storage.

Framed family pictures

You can add framed family photos to your living room in a variety of ways. You can use metal wires strung parallel to the walls to hang them. Alternatively, you can use clips to hang the pictures. You can also turn a pallet into a small shelf and decorate it with floral arrangements. Incorporating your favorite family photos into your living room will create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Old shutters

Repurpose old shutters to create a rustic side table for your home. You can also use shutters as flower pot stands and nightstands in your bedroom. If you don’t have the time to build a new side table, you can use old shutters as decoration on your porch. For a rustic look, you can also replace the slats with a chalkboard or wood sheet. You can find ready-made pieces of art at a dollar store.

Decorative pillows

If you are looking for decorative pillows for a rustic living room, you’re in luck. You can find tons of options on Houzz, a home improvement site where you can browse carefully curated collections of Rustic Decorative Pillows. Choose from different color combinations, materials, and unique features to create a perfect look for your room. In addition to displaying a wide range of products, Houzz also offers a furniture store and home improvement services.

Reclaimed wood

Adding reclaimed wood wall decor in a living room is a great way to bring the outdoors in, but also makes a room feel cozy. Using old shutters and other wooden frames, you can hang an inspirational saying or two. You can also hang burlap banners as wall decor. This rustic look gives your living room a more farmhouse feel. Reclaimed wood can also be used to hang pictures and other items on the walls.

Decorative frames

One way to add a personalized touch to your rustic living room is by using decorative frames. Old shutters or other thin wooden materials can make a great backdrop. Mirrors reflect light and can enlarge small spaces. Old shutters or other rustic materials can also make good mirror frames. A longer mirror can enhance the illusion of a larger room. Choosing a smaller mirror will allow you to use it as a centerpiece for a pillow.

DIY projects

One of the easiest ways to update the look of your living room is to add vintage decor. Adding a painted vintage lantern to your coffee table is an easy way to bring more color and charm to the space. If you don’t have vintage decor already, you can also add a sweet ‘Home’ sign to the wall. You can also add plaid decorative pillows to your living room, and an antler and candle coffee table display is a classic touch. Another great way to update your rustic living room is to create a DIY greenhouse terrarium. You can buy vintage light-weight photo frames, then hot-glue rope around them, and paint them with metallic copper.

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