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Traditional Ways to Design a Filipino Tribal Tattoo

In this article, we’ll look at Traditional ways to design a Filipino tribal tattoo and the symbolism of geometric patterns. As well as the process for creating these designs, we’ll also discuss the traditional Filipino art style. Let’s get started! Symbolism is important. Understanding the origins of Filipino tribal tattoos is a great way to start creating a custom piece. The following are some guidelines to remember:

Traditional methods of creating a Filipino tribal tattoo

A Filipino tribal tattoo may be simple or elaborate depending on the design. Traditionally, the tattoo design follows certain patterns and repeats itself. The color black must be bold and the lines must be clean and crisp. Negative spaces should be well-defined and the overall tattoo should not be too cluttered. For a tribal tattoo to look great, you should consider its placement. Whether it is on the calf or forearm, a Filipino tribal tattoo will make you feel proud to be Filipino.

Unlike the modern tattooing process, traditional Filipino tattooing techniques use a thorn from the local Calamansi tree. The thorn is dipped into charcoal and tapped into the skin, creating the tattoo pattern. Then, black powder is applied to the wound. This process takes several hours and results in a beautiful tattoo. Traditional Filipino tribal tattoos have a more artistic appearance than their contemporary counterparts.

The symbolic meaning of traditional designs

The Philippine tribe has long been known for its tribal tattoos and these designs are now becoming more popular than ever. They represent more than just body art, they also carry deep meaning and are a cultural expression. Filipino tattoos were once considered unclean and repulsive by Catholics, but now these designs are gaining popularity among locals and are regarded as a form of self-expression and art.

This type of tattoo is usually made up of patriotic symbols and the culture of the Philippines. It improves a person’s social status in the Filipino community. The Pintados design, for instance, features a sun in a circle surrounded by two snakes. This tattoo is most appropriate for people with an aggressive nature and is best suited for those born in October and November. Those born in these months will look especially good with these designs.

The symbolism of geometric patterns

A Filipino tribal tattoo is a great place to display your proud heritage and express your personality. This kind of design often includes three tribal masks and two small knives, and it will certainly turn heads. Its symmetrical patterns and black and grey shading will make it a conversation piece. You can also place it on your calf or forearm, but keep in mind that it looks best with an undercut hairstyle.

Another great design for a Filipino tribal tattoo is a circular pattern, which is bold and beautiful and can be positioned on the shoulder. It may symbolize unity and love for family, or it could represent the sun or moon. The triangle pattern, on the other hand, may symbolize the Philippines, as these elements are common to the culture. Regardless of how you decide to place the design, this kind of tattoo is a great option. This design features geometric shapes and clean lines and can be further enhanced by shading or bolder lines.

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