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Tips to Sell Rustic Furniture at an Antique Store

What are some good tips to sell rustic furniture at an antique store? Here are a few: Identifying the pattern on your andirons, photographing your furniture from all angles, and creating a story for your piece of furniture. People are looking for variety, and variety is good. You should have plenty of pieces of rustic furniture to choose from. A good rule of thumb is that you should sell at least two items of the same style.

Identifying the pattern of your dishware

When selling rustic furniture at an antique store, it’s vital to be as specific as possible when describing your items. Dishware should be similar in color and pattern. Identifying the pattern of your dishware is relatively easy, but can be a little difficult if the piece isn’t marked. To help you out, you can use Google image search to search for similar patterns. To get an idea of the pattern of your dishware, try to mention the type of flower, size, color, or another similar motif. You can also look for images of windmills, sailboats, or portraits.

If you are unsure of the pattern of your dishware, you can use online and local antique catalogs to help you determine the age of your dishes. The designs in the 1920s and 1930s tended to feature bright colors and geometric shapes, but there are also many pastel color schemes. The 1950s saw a shift to bold colors and rimless shapes. While the pattern of a dish might be easy to recognize, you’ll want to be careful when identifying it.

Photographing the furniture from many angles

Proper lighting is the key to high-quality photographs of rustic furniture. Natural light is the most accurate color representation, so a room with two walls of windows is ideal. If the natural lighting isn’t possible, place a large whiteboard in front of the antique, and use transparent window sheers to diffuse harsh light. Also, be aware of the yellowish tint that can appear in photos taken with lamps.

Photograph the furniture from several angles. It is crucial to capture multiple views of the piece, so be sure to use a tripod and shoot the furniture from various angles. Take as many photos as possible, including close-ups and details. Make sure to crop the photos carefully to remove distractions, such as the trash can in the background. In addition, take multiple photographs of the furniture from different angles so customers can see the whole piece. Photographing the pieces from several angles will increase the likelihood that customers will trust your photos.

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