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Tips For Buying a Cowhide Rug

When it comes to buying a cowhide rug, you’ll have a number of options to consider. Brazil’s tanning process creates a softer hide than those from Colombia or Argentina. Ivory cowhide from World Market captures the texture and subtle patterning of real cowhide. Alternatively, you can opt for a faux-hide rug. Faux-hide rugs have the advantage of being more durable.

Brazil’s tanning process produces a softer cowhide rug than those from Colombia or Argentina

It is important to remember that Brazilian cowhide rugs are generally higher in quality than those from Argentina and Colombia. While the two countries have similar geographical areas, the Brazilian cattle are tanned using a much more advanced method. Moreover, Brazilian cowhide rugs have a higher price tag than their European counterparts, but they are generally of better quality.

Unlike Colombia or Argentina, Brazil’s cowhide rugs are usually softer due to their different tanning processes. The Brazilian cattle undergo a series of processes in order to create a rug with the softest skin possible. First, the hides are soaked in calcium hydroxide solution, which is used to kill bacteria and other organisms that can make a cowhide rug less resistant to wear and tear. The hides are then cured in clean water and re-moisturized to ensure that they remain soft and durable.

Ivory cowhide from World Market captures the texture and subtle patterning of a real cowhide

If you’re looking for a modern rug, consider a black and white cowhide rug. Black and white cowhide rugs and furniture will soften the look of a modern loft apartment. Cowhide will also draw the eye of guests to your room and create a focal point. Here are some tips for buying your next cowhide rug:

One of the benefits of a real hide is that you have more control over the design. This type of cowhide comes in hundreds of color combinations and patterns. You can purchase them in a variety of sizes to match the color scheme of any room. It is also possible to customize the design with your own character marks and color patterns. Each hide is unique and carries its own character markings.

Synthetic (or faux-hide) rugs are more durable

When compared to synthetic rugs, cowhide is the more durable option. Most synthetic rugs are treated with VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, which are hazardous to humans. Because cowhide is made from leather and hair, it repels stains and odors. The only thing a synthetic rug cannot resist is dirt, so you should vacuum the rug regularly to keep it clean.

Real cowhide rugs are more durable than synthetic ones but are prone to showing signs of wear over time. This is because many man-made rugs are not as resistant to stains and abrasions, and they wear down more quickly. While professional cleaning can help a synthetic rug last longer, it’s best to avoid placing it in high-traffic areas, as they will show signs of wear.

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