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The Witcher 3 Who Pays the Most For Cow Hide

While farming for gems is legitimate, dismantling objects is a much more lucrative option, as is killing cows for their hides. Then again, you can use Inns to trade hides for food. Then there’s the cheat/exploit for infinite pearls. Here are some tips to earn in The Witcher 3:

Dismantling items to get gems

One of the best ways to make gems in The Witcher 3 is to dismantle your old items. Dismantling items will give you gems or valuable metal, which can be used to make better weapons and armor. Depending on the item, you can earn from dismantling a few gems or a large fortune. It is always better to dismantle items instead of just selling them since the materials that they contain are not cheap when you buy them from vendors.

Killing cows to get hides

If you want to make money in Witcher 3 by killing cows, one way to do this is to farm for them. Cows are useful for Vitality, so killing them is a great way to earn some. However, cows are also useful for looting, so this method should be used sparingly. This method will earn you about twenty-seven Crowns per cowhide.

Inns as a place to unload food and hides

Inns are great places to dump excess hides and food. Hides are necessary for crafting purposes and the innkeeper charges are considerably cheaper than the prices at Skellige. However, you can also save money by purchasing these items from Skellige merchants. A quick trip to Novigrad is beneficial as you can get better deals. Alternatively, you can find a vendor in the Skellige marketplace and sell your hides and food there.

Infinite pearls cheat/exploit

You may be wondering how you can get infinite pearls in The Witcher 3. The answer is simple and it requires you to find a particular location. Luckily, this location is located in Novigrad, which can be accessed from both Velen and Hierarch Square. There is a merchant who sells shells, which you can dismantle to obtain pearls. You can then sell these pearls to other blacksmiths to earn even more.

Infinite diamonds cheat/exploit

If you want to make a lot of gold in The Witcher 3, you should learn how to farm cows. Cows are very rare animals, but they can be found in a wide variety of locations throughout the game, including the famous Hierarch Square. To farm them, you’ll need to go to Novigrad, a town that is free to enter after completing the Velen quest.

Infinite gems

It is possible to get infinite gems for cowhide in The Witcher 3. This cheat involves killing a cow and harvesting its hide. To perform this exploit, you should meditate for two hours. Then, repeat the exploit as often as you like. It’s worth repeating this exploit multiple times to obtain infinite gems. But, beware, this exploit may not work on all cows. You may end up killing a cow too many times.

Infinite diamonds

There is a legitimate way to make infinite diamonds for cowhide in The Witcher 3. You can quickly travel to other towns and save your progress there. Purchasing saddlebags for Roach increases the amount of gear your character can carry. Saving your progress often is the key to success in The Witcher 3. Despite the fact that autosaves are automatic, dying in the game will reset your character to the last save point.

Infinite pearls

Infinite pearls for cowhide are possible in The Witcher 3 if you know how to exploit a game mechanic. While killing cows will provide you with lots of cash, this exploit is far more efficient. Instead of killing cows, you can simply dismantle shells found at the armory next door. Once you have enough shells, you can sell them for much higher prices than usual and earn thousands of crowns. This exploit was uncovered by a player who was able to earn up to ten thousand crowns in one minute.

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