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The Best Ways to Use Cowhide Rugs

Whether you’re looking for a way to bring texture and warmth to your bedroom, want to create a focal point on a wood floor, or just want to make a statement in your living room, cowhide rugs can help you achieve the look you want. Read on to learn more about the best ways to use cowhide rugs. Then, decide which one would suit your home best.

Add texture and warmth to your bedroom

Cowhide rugs can be an excellent addition to your bedroom. Not only will they add a touch of warmth and texture to the space, but they’ll also give the room a warm, inviting feel. These rugs are especially versatile, so you can use them in a variety of ways. For instance, you can attach one to the wall behind your bed, creating a headboard.

Make a statement in your living room

Adding cowhide rugs to your living room can be a great way to add visual interest to any room. You can use cowhide anywhere in the house, and you can choose to have it be light or dark. Dark chocolate brown rugs are a good match for light floors, while light-colored rugs bring out the colors of dark floors. You can also choose to have it multi-colored.

Add coziness to a bathroom

A cowhide rug can enhance the ambiance of your bathroom by making the space feel cozy. These rugs are handmade, so they may differ in color and texture. They can be either small or large, depending on the space. The larger the rug, the more leather it contains. Smaller rugs may be calfskin or goatskin. The more cowhide a rug contains, the more expensive it is.

Create a focal point on a wooden floor

Whether you have a hardwood floor or a tile one, cowhide rugs are an excellent accent. The varying patterns and colors of cowhides make each rug unique. If you’re incorporating natural flooring like stone or wood, consider a cowhide rug that has an auburn coloration. A black and white speckled cowhide rug would add depth to light wood flooring.

Work well with mid-century modern decor

Incorporate cowhide area rugs into your decor for a warm and organic feel. A rectangular cowhide carpet in a gradation of brown and grey and accented with white gives your room a chic, stylish feel. You can also incorporate contemporary artwork into the space by choosing cowhide rugs that reflect your personality. Read on to find out more about how cowhide rugs work well with mid-century modern decor!

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