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Symbolism in Tribal Design

To find out more about tribal designs, we will discuss symbols, placement, meaning, and aftercare. We will also examine the different types of patterns and explore the symbols that each of them contains. This article will help you make a decision based on your personal preference. We’ll also cover what to look for when purchasing tribal art. We hope you enjoy learning about these beautiful designs! We wish you the best of luck in making your purchase!


Symbolism in tribal design is an important part of the culture and art of Native Americans. The Swastika symbol is known for its negative connotation today, but it actually has a positive meaning. This symbol derives from the Sanskrit word Swati, which means “well-being.” Its widespread use in American Indian artwork was a result of the symbol’s role as a repeating pattern.

This design also has a symbolic meaning: the all-seeing eye represents the benevolent guidance of a divine source. The light behind the all-seeing eye represents illumination and wisdom. Ultimately, it represents the awakening of our spirit, a third eye. Some people have taken the design a step further and included a crying version. This variation shares the same meaning as the original design, but it represents the sorrow of the gods for humanity.


While the Polynesians interpreted tattoos on hands and shoulders as symbols of strength and courage, today’s contemporary designs tend to rely on thick abstract lines. For these tattoos, the right body part will depend on the placement of the imagery. While the best location for a tribal design will vary depending on the placement of the imagery, the body part should be functional enough to accommodate the tattoo. If the placement is too large, there are several options for alternative placement.


A tattoo can carry both meaning and symbolism. For example, a fox is associated with wisdom, while a shark represents brute masculinity. Both of these images are powerful and symbolize the strength of nature. Depending on where the design is placed on the body, a tribal tattoo can be a powerful reminder to live life to the fullest. A tattoo can also contain more symbolic meaning than you might realize. To understand tribal art better, consider what each design means.

Many tribes have animal tattoos and used them as totems. However, tribal tattoo designs also incorporate characters, and this can have meaning beyond just animal appearance. The butterfly, for instance, represents lightness, as well as the immortality of the spirit. Females typically create butterfly tattoos as a tribute to a friend or family member. Bears, on the other hand, signify power and good nature. In some cultures, the bear is a talisman for good fortune and luck.

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