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Small Navajo Rugs – What Were Small Navajo Rugs Used For?

If you are in the market for a Navajo rug, you are probably wondering what its uses were. Generally, they were used for decoration or as a placemat. However, there are many more uses for these blankets. Let’s find out more. Listed below are a few of their uses. You may even be surprised to learn that they were originally used for cooking.

Navajo rugs

Small Navajo rugs were traditionally used as floor coverings. Their diagonal lines and designs make them distinctive from other rugs. While most Navajo rugs are made from wool, many are made from cotton or linen. Cotton and linen are smoother, while wool has little fibers sticking out from the warp threads. Authentic Navajo rugs are made from both cotton and linen.

Some Navajo rugs are decorated with silver. These rugs can be valuable in their own right, and a savvy buyer can find a bargain. Although small, these rugs can be highly prized and have many uses. They can serve as beautiful and durable home decor. A small Navajo rug can make a statement about its owner’s personal tastes and lifestyle. The colors and designs may be subtle, or striking and eye-catching.

The Navajo people traditionally produced blankets for wearing but eventually became involved with home decoration and competition. Although the Navajo people were not a part of the early American colonial period, their weavings became popular with people from all over the country. Their traditional methods incorporated the use of vertical looms and traditional techniques to create beautiful and functional pieces. Many of these pieces are still sold today and sell for well over $8000.

Navajo blankets

Traditionally, Navajo blankets are woven using primitive hand-operated looms. Puebloans began making blankets during the 1680 Pueblo Revolt when they were expelled from Spanish rule in Santa Fe. After the rebellion, many Puebloans sought refuge in Navajo homes. After the Pueblo Revolt, they passed on their weaving skills, though some sources suggest that Navajos had already picked up weaving half a century earlier.

Basic knowledge of Navajo rug characteristics will help you identify a piece of Navajo rug. Most rugs feature a distinct pattern or design, such as bands of color or designs within those bands. Ganado, Burntwater, and Klagetoh rugs are also notable for their distinctive designs. However, there are many variations among these three regional types. For instance, a Two Grey Hills rug may be woven by a weaver from a different region than one found in Ganado.

Small Navajo rugs have several distinct advantages. First, the designs are highly versatile. The patterns can be used to make a variety of clothing, from nightwear to cloaks. The blankets can even serve as doors for hogans, which were semi-permanent cabins. While their designs are unique, they do not appeal to everyone. You can still use them as an accent piece, or as a beautiful decorative rug.

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