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Should You Have Your Area Rugs Professionally Cleaned?

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Area rugs and carpets are a focal point of any house. Just because we walk on them, doesn’t mean it’s not noticeable if they are stained or dirty. Protecting their beauty requires routine cleaning and maintenance. There are several considerations when determining cleaning frequencies for area rugs; like foot traffic, soil levels, the volume of pet hairs, spot cleaning and vacuuming schedules, etc.

While most rug owners prefer learning and doing the DIY cleaning area rugs at home, most rugs, especially wools, should be professionally cleaned from time to time – at least yearly.

A weekly rug cleaning schedule (involving mild dish soap, warm water, and a soft brush) might help wool rugs preserve their good shape. However, wools still need more work to maintain. And this is because they are natural fiber rugs that are more susceptible to grime, dirt, and mold.

Professional rug cleaners have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge to deep clean a rug and carpet. They know the best cleaners and procedures to apply, depending on the rug’s material, type, and condition!

If these still don’t persuade you to have your area, wool, and oriental rugs professionally cleaned, keep reading to learn the benefits of an expert and how they keep rugs looking their best.

Reasons To Hire Professional Area Rug Cleaning Services

Remove Stains Properly

Floor coverings, specifically those in the dining room, get smeared with stains. A professional can quickly and cautiously address stubborn stains without damaging your area rugs’ fabric and colors. The cleaning solution (chemical-free products) and equipment utilized by a professional area rug cleaning service are much more effective than cleaning a carpet on your own.

Extend Its Durability

Its natural fibers are damaged by dirt particles, which disfigure the rug’s structure after some time. Routine professional rug deep-cleaning lifts and removes deeply-ingrained dirt and grime from your rug, helping extend its resilience.

Protect The Look And Maintain Quality

Most dry soils are taken out when you keep your area rug thoroughly vacuumed regularly. However, there’s still debris embedded in the materials. Fortunately, cleaning professionals help your floor coverings preserve quality and the woolly, plushy feel for an extended period.

Enhance Hygiene

An unclean environment can trigger irksome asthma attacks and health problems because of particular germs and allergens like dust mites present in rug fibers. Regular vacuuming is not enough to eradicate those invisible contaminants. Professionals use potent cleaning agents and solutions that help kill the allergens and sanitize your space, lowering the health risks.

Remove Odors

You might have detected that stained, dirty carpets have an odor, primarily if you have pets if you have not cleaned rugs to neutralize the dirt and smells. Professional cleaners apply special formulas to eradicate smells from dirty rugs.

Cleaning Process Used By Professionals

Step 1. Inspection

Professionals carefully inspect your rug to identify stains, stubborn spots, odors, soil levels, and damage. They will also evaluate its composition, particularly the rug’s dyes and fiber structure, and test it for colorfastness. This helps them determine which cleaning method is the safest and most effective for your dirty rug.

A highly durable, soiled rug must be cared for differently from a very fragile one that’s only barely dirty. If necessary, repairs are made to restore the quality of the rug.

Step 2. Dry Soil/Dust Removal

Dust can embed into a rug in the long run, and drawing those particles is vital to ensure that the rug is cleaned comprehensively. A professional cleaner will clear dirt and dust away with a machine that shakes the back and breaks dry soil particles. They will then vacuum your rugs on both surfaces to siphon any remnants.

Step 3. Washing

Then, they will wash it in a special cleaning tool using safe, non-toxic cleaners to gently agitate and address any spots. After that, they rinse your rug. In this step, the pet odor formula is also spread to your rugs.

  • Pets Odor Treatment – They dip rugs in an enzyme pond to erase stains and offset odors caused by pet urine, pet hair, and body oils. An enzyme spot treatment may work in the same way for minor stains.

Step 4. Drying and Finishing Touches

The rug is hung in an environmentally controlled drying room to keep your rugs uncontaminated as it removes the excess water, allowing for fast, clean drying.

They carefully groom the rug using a soft bristle brush to prevent the soil particles from sticking to the fibers, enabling your vacuum to remove dirt easily. Once the main body is clean, they carefully clean the fringe, fixing it up to its original color and smoothness.

The rug is given time to dry completely, and a final vacuuming is performed.

The Wonders of Professional Cleaning

Make cleaning rugs part of your cleaning routine.

Besides vacuuming your area rug weekly and changing it every six months, yearly professional area rug cleaning is key to extending its actual attractiveness and life.

With the help of industry professionals and qualified technicians, you could ensure that it’ll be treated as meticulously as possible. So, take it easy, and let the experts clean the rugs and deliver the care they deserve.


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