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RuneScape – What is Cow Hide Used For in RuneScape?

What is cowhide used for in Runescape? Cowhides are used to craft various items, including Armour, Tiaras, and weapons. They are also useful for crafting unicorns. In Lumbridge, you can find cowhides at pastures north of the Ardougne market. You can also find cowhides in Falador, closer to the bank. Using a needle and thread, you can craft leather, which grants Crafting experience.


When crafting items from cowhide, players should remember to keep a needle and thread close by. Cowhide can only be crafted into leather if you use the Tan Leather spell, which can be obtained from the Fremennik Hard Diaries. If you are playing Runescape for free, you need to visit the tanner in Varrock or Al Kharid to obtain it. If you are not a paid player, you will have to wait until you are invited to the guild.


A cow’s hide is used in crafting to make leather. Leather armor, gloves, and boots are available to craft with this material. You can gather cowhide at pastures in Lumbridge, north of Ardougne market, and south of Falador. Once you have the hide, you can craft leather items with a needle and thread. These items grant Crafting experience points. This resource is essential for crafting armor in Runescape.


Making Tiaras in RuneScape is a great way to get experience in the fastest possible way. Not only do they cost nothing, but they also generate a lot of exp and gp for you to use in other ways. If you have the means to do so, you can buy Zilver, ertsen, and gold. The first two are the most common materials to make Tiaras in RuneScape.

Reldak’s Leather Armour

The most basic type of cowhide used in Runescape is Reldak’s Leather Armour. Cowhides can be found at the shop in Dorgesh-Kaan and can be used to create a variety of armor. This hide can be tanned into the leather by the Tanner for 1 coin. It can then be used to craft armor, gloves, boots, and other items made from leather.

Battle staffs

If you’re interested in maximizing your magic skills, you’ve probably heard of the great new cowhide battle staff in Runescape. This item is a great way to increase the amount of experience that you gain from spell casting, and it’s available in numerous types. However, it’s best to check out its different features before you invest in one. Below we’ll go over some of its benefits.

traditional rugs cut into cowhide

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