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RuneScape Tutorial – How to Tan Fucked Cow Hide in RuneScape

In this RuneScape tutorial, you’ll learn how to tan fucked cowhide in RuneScape. This will make the cowhide worth much more than it currently is! However, if you don’t know how to do this, then read on to discover the right way to do it! After all, you want to get a nice tan on your hide!

How to tan fucking cow hides in Runescape

There are two ways to get hides from cows in Runescape. One is by killing a Blue Dragon. Blue Dragons are located in Edgeville and can be slain on either a slayer or non-slayer task. You can also teleport to one of these dragons using the teleport mage. You can also combine this script with another one that will create teepees with no requirements.

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