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Runescape Farming and Selling – Where to Sell Items in Runescape

When you’re farming and selling items in Runescape, you need to know where to sell your cowhides. The first step is to find a world with lots of people. Worlds with few players will be less productive. Try playing during the afternoon or evening on weekdays. You’ll soon discover the best times to world-hop and sell your items. World hopping will give you the most cowhide per hour!


If you have no idea where to sell cowhides, look around the lobby of the banks in Runescape. You might notice people standing around, and asking about cowhide sales. They will usually say that they are looking for cowhides, and you can buy them. If you are a member, you can buy cowhides in bulk, but it will cost you more gold. Luckily, there are several places where you can sell cowhides in Runescape.

Among the most common places to sell cowhides in Runescape is Lumbridge. These cows can be found behind the Lumbridge mill, east of Lumbridge castle. Purchasing cowhides from Lumbridge is also an excellent way to make a profit. You will be able to sell cowhide and raw beef for a good price. Those are some of the easiest ways to sell cowhides in Runescape.

Tanning cowhide hides

There are several ways to make money in Runescape by tanning cowhide hides. Among the most popular ways is to sell the leather to players. The leather is usually sold for between $25 and 45 GP. Commercial tanners usually charge at least $25 per hiding. In Runescape, you can tan as many as 2 000 hides per hour if you have the patience.

In Runescape, you can tan cowhide hides by completing quests, earning 100 levels, and leveling up. Cowhides can be sold for up to 4030 coins per hiding. The tannery is located in Al Kharid, northwest of Varrock. You must pay a gold coin for each hide you tan. The cost of each hide varies, but you can make more cowhides in this process.

Selling them at the Grand Exchange

You can quickly earn money by selling cowhides at the Grand Exchange. Cowhides are relatively inexpensive. They cost around 95-120 gold each. Once you have made your inventory, you can sell them to other players for around 138 gold each. You can use this method to earn extra gold for a few days until you have more than fifty thousand gold. However, you should make sure you have a good amount of gold to get started.

The only downside to free accounts is that there are fewer features available, such as the Grand Exchange. Free accounts also have a much smaller Grand Exchange. To gain access to the Grand Exchange, you must have an account for 24 hours and earn seven quest points from NPCs. The free accounts will likely be filled with gold farmers, meaning you will be able to make less profit. But be careful – it’s worth it!

Farming cowhides

There are a number of ways to farm cowhides in Runescape, from gathering them in the Falador area (south of Falador), north of Ardougne market, and south of Falador. Cowhides can also be obtained through the Falador Diary (hard tier), which allows players to open a bank chest in the Falador Crafting Guild. Once inside, players must wear a brown apron to enter the chest.

Cowhides are relatively inexpensive in Runescape, ranging from 113 to 95-120 gold per hiding. Moreover, making a full inventory gives you 3k gold, and the process only takes two to three minutes. But, before attempting this method, it is necessary to have a decent amount of gold on hand. Ideally, 50K to 100K gold is sufficient to begin. This method may be more difficult than it sounds, so you should be prepared to wait for some time until your gold reserves reach a certain amount.

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