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Yellow Southwestern Rugs, Gold Yellow Native American Area Rugs

When you walk into a room for the first time, the room should speak to you. The furniture organized together in a pleasing way. The gold or yellow rug that makes the room perfect. Home décor is not just about things that look nice but it’s more so about the feeling that you get when you open the door to that room.

How do you feel? Are you relaxed? Do you get a feeling of warmth or coolness? Does the tone of the colors change your mood? Those feelings are ones that can make you forget about how bad your day went or remind you of how thankful you are for what you have.

The accents in the room that make it special are handpicked by you based on how you felt when you saw it. Every time you walk into that room you are constantly reminded of what brought you to that decision and the choice you made. This is why picking an accent piece for a room is very special and treasured in many homes. An accent piece for every room because they play an important role in the theme and the feeling of the room.

Accent pieces can be lamps, throw pillows or rugs, or wall pieces. Accent pieces can carry on a meaning towards you as well. It could be a heirloom or a traditional piece that is very sentimental towards you.

Whenever you walk into the room wherever the accent piece is the ambiance just takes over the room because of the feeling that you got when you first procured the accent piece. Obviously, our favorite type of accent piece is a Southwestern area rug. And you really can’t go wrong going with a yellow or gold rug. They are extremely popular and it’s for a very simple reason. They just work.

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