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Turquoise Southwestern Rugs, Teal Turquoise Native American Area Rugs

Turquoise and teal are key elements in Southwestern design. There can be a lot of debate and variability in what qualifies as the exact color of turquoise. Is it more green, more blue or squarely in the middle? How vibrant? The war will rage on forever, but what we can definitely agree on is that teal and turquoise are awesome. They make a statement. People that come to your home will take notice.

Turquoise and teal have long been statements in Native American art and therefore, we love to utilize these colors in our rug designs. Nothing like a nice subtle background of brown or gray coupled with a pop of teal or turquoise to really wow onlookers. If you’re looking to work turquoise or teal into your interior design then we believe that there are usually two routes.

First, you can use turquoise or teal as an accent color. Using more toned down colors as your base will make the teal or turquoise really pop out. Second, you can just turn it up to 11 and couple your teal or turquoise with more teal or turquoise. If you take that approach then we salute you and will also be here to help if you need another set of eyes when you’re picking out your next Southwestern area rug.