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Pink Southwestern Rugs, Pink Native American Area Rugs

Pink is a bright color. The color of fun and strong self-expression. If you are someone that loves pink then you are probably someone that really loves pink. It is a very polarizing color that many other people might not be brave enough to utilize in their home.

Pink can be a difficult color to accessorize with and sometimes a risky bet, but ultimately if you can pull it off then it can lead to a bold look in your home. We recommend coupling pink with other, more subtler colors that complement it. This can create a calming effect that will make you feel comfortable in your home. When looking for pink rugs for your home, we love to combine that look with chocolate brown couches or dark blue accent pieces. If the rug is the focal point of the room then go bold, but tone down some of the other aspects of your home design. This will set you up for success and you’ll surely have visitors jealous of your home the next time they visit.

Luckily, pink and bold Native American style area rugs go hand in hand. We think you’ll love the combination too.

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