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Green Southwestern Rugs, Green Native American Area Rugs

The most important aspect of decorating is the use of colors and artwork because they can change the feeling of a room so easily. With reds and browns a room can feel warm, and in turn can make a person feel cozy and intimate. A person can feel calm and refreshed with cool colors such as blues and greens. More pigmented and bright colors can give feelings of happiness and serotonin, but also give a feeling of chaos and overwhelming depending on a person’s preferences. White is very important in décor. White can both dim pigmented colors giving softer more subtle feelings and by itself give feelings of clean and order. On the other hand, having too much white can cause sterile feelings, like a hospital, which can make people uncomfortable. For black, using a little of it can extenuate other aspects to a room. Too much black can make a room feel dark and small. All these colors can cause different feelings for different people, but these are some of the more common, and different combinations can portray even more feelings.

Artwork would be the second most important aspect of home décor because it provides something that catches the eye. Using abstract art pieces with combinations of different colors create different feelings. Landscape art pieces can create the illusion of being in a different place such as beach or mountain landscapes can make you feel like you are in the image. The use of family and friends in pictures can tell a story of the life lived in a home and feelings of belonging. There are so many different ways to incorporate artwork into a home and can create different feelings depending on their images.

Luckily, when you’re looking at one of our green area rugs, you’re checking both of these boxes. Our unique Southwestern rugs are a piece of artwork waiting on your floor for you to constantly enjoy. And by going with a green rug then you’re getting the nice, calming effect that this color produces in your home.

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