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Plants for Western Decor

Western decor is all about bringing the outdoors in. Look for rich, natural materials, warm color palettes, and rustic furnishings. Choose furniture that looks like large tree trunks, patterned blankets that look like flowers, and artwork that depicts a serene mountain landscape. This style emphasizes the outdoors while bringing it indoors, so bring your favorite plants indoors. A good choice for a Western-style home is a succulent.

Low-maintenance houseplants

If you’d like to add a touch of nature to your western decor, you may want to choose low-maintenance houseplants. Snake plants, for example, have sword-like leaves and can reach six or twelve feet in height. They require medium to high light, but they don’t need much water. And because they’re very low-maintenance, they can survive in rooms that are often too hot or too cold.

Adding flowers to a room can not only add life and color to your home, but they’ll also improve air quality. Unfortunately, if you don’t provide proper care, your houseplants may quickly become wilted eyesores. If you’re on a budget or have a busy schedule, low-maintenance houseplants are a perfect choice. These plants are tolerant of a variety of conditions, which makes them the perfect plant for beginners.

Low-maintenance plants that thrive in direct or indirect sunlight

If you want to decorate your home with a plant that doesn’t require too much light, try the Snake Plant. This low-maintenance plant is native to Madagascar and grows best in deep shade. In areas with low light, it takes weeks to dry out the soil. You can grow it indoors, but it would probably look better if you have natural light. Snake Plants develop a woody cane at the bottom and compact foliage at the top of each stalk. Depending on the type of plant you choose, they will reach four to seven feet in height.

Azaleas require very little water, and they look stunning paired with spring bulbs. Daffodils are easy to care for, and after you’ve planted them, they’ll continue to bloom. Plus, daffodils are hardy enough to survive in full sunlight. They also need little maintenance once you’ve planted them, and they’ll keep coming back for years. You can choose from a variety of white or pink azaleas, and they can even bloom coral-red!

Low-maintenance plants that thrive in warmer temperatures

For a more rustic look, low-maintenance plants with a western flair can be used as accents in your home. Climbing Jenny, a low-maintenance plant, spreads to fill in empty spaces and adds color to your garden. This perennial grows best in average, moist soil and prefers full sunlight. You can purchase a plant from a nursery for around $5.99.

Zinnias are low-maintenance annuals that require little care, except for deadheading. They do best in full sun, although they can tolerate part shade as well. Plant them early in spring after the threat of frost has passed, and give them regular watering to survive the summer. In addition, they’re deer-resistant and drought-tolerant, and they require minimal care.

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