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Places Where Interior Designers Work

There are many places where interior designers work. Their work includes public and private spaces. This broad range of experience requires them to consider practical issues and aesthetic concerns related to light, color, and materials. They must be able to communicate effectively to communicate the right solutions. The following are a few of these places where interior designers work. Read on to learn more. And remember to stay tuned for the next installment! It’s time to start planning!

Design Trade Service

Interior designers are finding more value in using an online trade marketplace like Design Trade Service. It offers a seamless process that allows designers to source from several vendors and access their net prices without creating a unique account with each company. DTS features over 100,000 products from more than 50 manufacturers at competitive prices. The prices are non-fluctuating and are based on manufacturer-suggested retail prices. It is also beneficial to designers due to current supply chain challenges.

The Trade Programs feature a special design trade pricing structure and tools. They offer exclusive access to the design trade. Trade Programs are typically free to join and are aimed at bringing the design trade the best prices. DesignerInc is another excellent resource for designers looking to connect with manufacturers. Architonic is the number one online community for the trade. It offers a large selection of home design products and is ideal for designers who need to find high-quality products quickly.


For a global source for interior design and furnishing inspiration, consider Arcadia. It is a one-stop shop for home improvement, bringing together the interior design community from around the world. Whether you’re searching for a specific product, sourcing a wide range of products, or need help choosing a color scheme, Arcadia is a great place to start. With over 75,000 products from 600+ brands and thousands of interior designers and decorators, it’s easy to find exactly what you need.

Arcadia interior designers have helped complete the design of Hotel Verde, a luxury eco-friendly hotel in Bangalore. They also collaborated with Interior Designer JJ Poonawala and Ar. Reza Kabul for the Taj Skyline, a world-class facility in Ahmedabad. The entire project was completed in eleven months. It was a pleasure to work with these talented individuals. However, there are some limitations to this collaboration.


The eCommerce platform nuucon simplifies sourcing for interior designers. By aggregating products from various manufacturers into one central hub, designers do not have to contact them individually. The vast majority of time is saved, leaving more time for creative work. Its experienced team of eCommerce experts helps interior designers buy products for their projects faster. The company is backed by ABOUT YOU and Spryker, two members of the Pioneers Club.

With over 15 employees, nuucon is now a one-stop-shop for all things interior design. The new marketplace for interior designers allows users to shop online for the perfect home accessories or furniture pieces. The platform also offers free online assistance from expert designers. The company’s mission is to help interior designers monetize their work. The website allows independent designers to create shoppable collections and sell them directly to their clients or share them through social media. The new marketplace allows independent designers to focus on what they do best – designing.


When I asked Lauren how she made her most recent sale, she said that she met her ideal client on the SideDoor platform. She was on-site at the client’s home, creating a space plan and pitching a product. The client felt so confident in her design work, she bought the entire room! The process was seamless, and she landed the sale. A SideDoor platform is a great place for working designers to sell products and connect with new customers.

SideDoor works by giving designers tools that replicate the traditional 20th-century interior design transaction. Its tools let designers curate product collections and share them with clients on social media and their own websites. For each completed order, designers earn a 30% commission, and SideDoor takes care of all the logistics and tracking. This way, clients don’t have to waste time calling a dozen designers to place an order.

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