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Outdoor Southwestern Rugs: A Style Guide

If you want to bring the uniqueness of Southwestern-style designs to your outdoor living space, you’ve possibly observed that Southwestern rugs come in various styles and sizes to suit your exterior design needs.

The earthy colors of outdoor Southwestern rugs are meant to provide your place with a homey flair, and the earthy accent sets the mood for your décor. Outdoor rugs expand the livable square footage of your home. And if you need inspiration, here are stylish ways to upgrade your outdoor area with your indoor/outdoor rugs.

What Is Southwestern Rug?

The southwestern-style rug is famous for its rough texture, earthy accents, and vibrant fabric. There are two types of southwestern rugs: hand woven and machine-made. Traditional handwoven rugs take a long time to produce but can last many generations, while machine-made have an lifespan of up to 20 years.


Ways To Style Your Southwestern Outdoor Rug

Outdoor southwestern rugs are an excellent way to distinguish your outdoor living area from the rest of the property. You can buy indoor/outdoor flooring for some variability, enabling you to utilize it inside your home in winter months.

Ideal Placement

Outdoor rugs are both functional and fashionable. Position your floor covering underneath a seating area or dining table to accentuate the space and protect the surface of your patio from being scratched.

Or try one on a high-traffic floor to ensure shoes don’t carry dirt into the house. Pools, decks, and terraces are outdoor spaces to lay down an low-maintenance rug.

Proper Sizing

When choosing a rug style, getting the right size is vital. As a general rule, always go for a bit bigger. Larger rugs make an area feel more expansive, which is never wrong!

You’ll also gain more ground cover in your outdoor space, which is favourable if you intend to walk barefoot or have children playing around.


Bright Colors and Pattern

Outdoor rugs are exposed to everything. It’s somewhat easier to conceal the dirt if you buy flooring covers with many patterns. And because it is outdoors, it’s an incredible chance to use something a little bit wilder than you would want inside.

Splash of Colors

Bring in something bold to connect the rug with the rest of your outdoor textiles. Green, blue, or purple are stellar options for a sprinkle of colour.

Dramatic and illustrative

Go for a dramatic and illustrative rug if you want a more defining feature for your outdoor living space.

Subtle and trendy

If you’re not fond of the bolder design, a subtler, more textural pattern for an outdoor rug will add just as much personality and appeal.

Boho vibes

A boho design perfectly matches the natural vibe of outdoor furniture, plants, and other features in your outdoor area.

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Create a Contrast

Having the furniture neutral is one of the preferable ways to beautify a southwestern home. Since southwestern design is all about bright prints and colours, you may put different decors together as much as you want.

One of the reasons why neutral furniture is advised is that it allows for a lot of creativity with the rest of the decor. Sticking to a colour scheme as you decorate is necessary, so everything appears harmonious.

Sprinkles of colour or bold designs can be combined with throw pillows and vases.

Right material

Contrary to indoor rugs, outdoor rugs are often woven of durable fabrics that persist against weather and cope with fading and stains.

Wool & Silk (Natural Fibers)

Rugs made with 100% wool are natural, long-lasting, and versatile. High-quality wool fabric will outlive the finest synthetic material (polyester, nylon, or polypropylene) on any day. Plus, wool is superior at concealing dust and dirt, so it also looks cleaner than other fibres, making it an ideal option.

Silk is another natural fibre and is just as durable as wool. It is used in wool rugs to enhance the outlines or emphasize the pattern.

Polyester (Synthetic Fibers)

Polyester is typically a synthetic alternative to natural fibres like wool or cotton.

Fade-resistant and available in multiple colours, polyester outdoor rugs are ideal if you want a durable and well-made option. Although they resist most stains satisfactorily, oil-based stains are tougher to wash.

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Ready to Style?

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