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OSRS How to Tan Cow Hide

In order to tan a cowhide in the OSRS game, you will need to buy 27 cowhides and 81 coins. You can get these materials by using a tanner, which can be found north of Trade Ellis’s building. You can tan cowhide by right-clicking on the Trade Ellis building and then selecting the option “Tan Cowhide.” The tanner will return tanned hides back to your bank after 25 seconds.

Borax paste

Borax is a substance used to tan cowhide and other animal skins. It is also used to neutralize chrome tans and peel vegetable sunburns. After the animal’s skin is tanned, it must be cured or dried. The curing process prevents the skin from cracking and becoming brittle. To start the tanning process, the tanner needs to pin the pelt with the fur side up.

To start the tan process, the hide must be thoroughly cleaned. To use Borax paste, place the hide in lukewarm water. Apply the paste to the hide, and leave overnight. The next day, apply another coating of paste. Make sure to wear rubber gloves while rubbing the paste into the skin. When finished, the hide should have a soft, supple appearance. During the next two to three days, it should be ready to be tanned.

Boric acid

Two kinds of acids are used to tan cowhide: hydrochloric acid and boric acid. Hydrochloric acid is cheaper and more powerful, and it can cause the pelt to become plump. Case hardening occurs, resulting in a coarser grain. Boric acid, on the other hand, is less powerful but does not cause pelt swelling. Instead, it creates a smooth, non-cracky grain.

Another way to tan a hide is to make an egg yolk tanning agent. You can make this agent by combining one egg yolk with two teaspoons of water. This amount will vary depending on the size of your egg. A Bantam chicken egg, for example, will require less water than a large, whole egg. Once you’ve prepared the solution, you can spread it over the hide with a sponge or pastry brush. Once it’s covered, the hide will need about 48 hours to dry.


The first step in the process of tanning a cowhide is to prepare it. After the hide is cut into pieces, it should be fleshed out. After this, the hide should be sanded with coarse sandpaper. The top strap should be laced together with the sides, and the rest of the hide should be rubbed with a metal pipe or sawhorse. Afterward, apply neat’s foot oil to keep the hide from drying. Sandpaper and pumice stone are also used to further soften a hide.

Once the hide is ready, it should be placed in a clean, shady environment, preferably with a chair back, where it can be kept overnight. The next day, pull it across a firm edge, such as the back of a chair, to soften it. Continue this process for three to four days, using coarse sandpaper each time. After the hide is softened, the process of tanning is complete.

Lunar spell

If you have an abundance of Cowhide in your inventory, you can tan it with the Lunar spell Tan Leather. This special skill requires you to have 78 Magic and Fremennik Hard Diaries to learn. If you already own hides in your inventory, tan them with this spell instead of spending GP on them. The process takes an hour, and each hide can be tanned for soft leather or hard leather. You can also use the tanner to turn the cowhide into a pair of leather, as well.

This spell requires you to be level 70, with the teleport skill and Lunar Spellbook. Cast this spell whenever you have enough money to buy cow hide, dragonhide, snake hide, or any other type of hiding. You must have the Accept Aid talent to use this spell, and you must be inside one square of the player who is casting the spell. This spell only works for you, so be careful! You must be within one square of the player when casting it, and you must be in a place where you can safely walk in.

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