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Navajo Rugs – How to Find Evaluate Buy and Care For Them

This essential text has been used for twenty-one years. Whether you are looking to purchase a Navajo rug for your home or have an interest in Navajo art, this is an essential text. From how to find a great deal to care for the rug you have acquired, this book will help you make the best decision for your home. It will give you information on how to care for a Navajo rug.


Navajo rugs are made of high-quality materials and are extremely durable. To care for a Navajo rug, you need to know how to take care of it. You should always buy a quality rug, but it is not easy to find a rug with high quality. To take care of your Navajo rug, you need to follow some simple tips.

Authentic Navajo rugs are made by the people of the Navajo tribe. The process is very labor-intensive, requiring the shorn wool, carding, dyeing, and finally weaving. Usually, it takes a whole year or more to complete a large rug. These people have to learn how to weave and perfect their skills for years. Boys and girls generally start learning to weave when they are young and their skills progress as they grow older.


Buying a Navajo rug can have a number of benefits. Besides being beautiful, they can be valuable as well, as their artistry is unparalleled. Before the mid-1920s, rugs made by the Navajo were used daily and were considered throw-aways, so they didn’t command a high price. In the decades that followed, however, rugs made by these people began to gain some respect for their artistry and historical significance. Whether you are looking to purchase a rug for a home or for a gift, a piece of Navajo art will be a lasting reminder of your visit.

You can find a certified Navajo rug appraiser online or in your local museum, which will provide you with a professional appraisal and a certificate of authenticity. A professional appraiser is a good choice if you are not sure where to start your search. They will be able to recommend reputable tailors in your area. Make sure you check their credentials before choosing one. Various associations certify certified appraisers.


To determine the market value of your Navajo rug, you can hire a professional appraiser. A professional will be able to give you an estimate, as well as a certificate of authenticity. Appraisers may be found locally or by using online search engines, or you can find one through a museum or Native American society. When you look for an appraiser, make sure they are accredited by the National Association of Professional Appraisers (NAPA), the Appraisers National Association (ANA), or the Association of Online Appraisers.

A professional appraisal performed by AAIA, Llc is essential for your Navajo rug’s value. AAIA’s appraisals are written on their company letterhead, so you can be confident in their work. It’s important to remember that fake Navajo rugs from Mexico are often made on a horizontal European-style loom, with the warps attached at each end.


There are some tips to care for your Navajo Rugs, whether you have an antique or a contemporary piece. To start with, it’s important to dry-clean the rug regularly to keep it looking its best. If you’d like to hang the rug on a wall, you’ll need to use the correct rug hanger to prevent it from sagging. You should also use pads under the rug to prevent it from sliding around and create a cushioning effect when you walk on it.

Vacuum your Navajo rug regularly with a soft, non-brush vacuum attachment. If your rug is exhibited on a wall, you should rotate it every few months or with the changing of the seasons. Do not beat the rug or roll it up. It can cause dry rot or mildew damage. If you need to dry-clean it, hire a professional rug cleaner. To avoid damage, be sure to turn it regularly to expose both sides equally.

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