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Nautical Maps Are a Great Way to Add a Nautical Flair to Your Beach House Decor

When decorating a beach house, you don’t necessarily have to buy anything nautical. A nautical map can bring the sea life inside. These colorful representations of maritime history blend in perfectly with both modern and traditional homes. Nautical maps that cover the whole wall are great for a hallway or kids’ bedroom. Just make sure to measure the room before you buy one! It’s also important to choose a nautical map that fits its space and theme.

Modern coastal style

For a modern, beach-inspired look, think about combining traditional fabrics with beachy accents. This coastal style features a distinct color palette of blues, whites, and neutrals. Botanical prints and fresh flowers add splashes of color. Coral and shells are also popular accents. Contemporary coastal art is intended to evoke a laid-back feeling. The result is a relaxed atmosphere that will appeal to many beach lovers.

Natural colors

Coastal houses are usually associated with blues and whites, but you can use a darker shade for a more sophisticated look. Yellow, lime green, and natural wood hues also create a restful beach vibe. Bold accent pieces are perfect for beach houses, like beach-themed carvings. Choose pieces that reflect your connection to the sea, such as colorful nautical prints. A neutral color scheme can work for any home, too.

Coastal maps

Coastal maps are an easy way to add a nautical flair to any home. There are several types of maps available, from the traditional New England shorelines to those of New Jersey, Delaware, and the Florida Keys. You can find custom maps of these coastlines made by New York architect Joseph Tarella. Whether you’re decorating a beach house or a nautically themed home, coastal maps will add the perfect nautical flair to your home.

Sea life

Whether you’re in the mood for a tropical vacation or an idyllic retreat, the beauty of the ocean can be found in all types of beach house decor. From seahorses to octopuses, whale images to jellyfish, you’ll find it in the beach house decor of your dreams. You can even hang sealife wall decor without causing any harm to the animals. Whether you’re decorating your bedroom or bathroom, the sea is an excellent source of beach house decor.

Coastal rainbow

Coastal rainbow beach house decor features a beautiful view of the ocean and is perfect for your next vacation. This gorgeous home features four bedrooms and a pool spa. Recently renovated, this property boasts a relaxed atmosphere. While you’re relaxing on the couch in front of the TV, you can also enjoy the view of the ocean from your private balcony. Whether you want to spend the day relaxing on the beach or have a quiet evening watching the waves crash onto the shore, you’ll find a great selection of modern coastal decor to suit your needs.

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