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Nautical Decor – How to Use Blue in Your Home’s Decor

If you’re looking for some ideas for nautical decor for your home, you’ve come to the right place. This article will explain some of the basics: Colors, Style, Trends, and Places to Buy. You’ll also find some ideas for DIY projects, including your very own nautical décor kit! The next step is to start shopping! Luckily, there is a multitude of options out there to get you started on the right foot!


There is something incredibly nautical about decorating with blue. These hues evoke images of a day out on the water and are great accents for your living room. You can use nautical decor to accent your furniture, wall art, and paint colors. But be careful not to go overboard with these colors! Below are some tips to help you create a nautical-themed living room. Read on to learn how to use blue in your blog’s decor.

A neutral color scheme will help to evoke a more muted nautical look. However, it can still be a nice accent to add a hint of sea green or yellow to the color scheme. These colors are very versatile and can be used in small doses to create an overall nautical theme. Just remember to use them sparingly as accents. You don’t want them to overpower the main colors. This way, they will work well together without clashing.


If you are looking for some design inspiration for your home, you might have come across the term ‘nautical decor.’ This type of decor is characterized by a natural color palette and a focus on motifs, like lifebuoys and seashells. Whether you are decorating a room or a whole home, this style is sure to bring the seashore home to life. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


In the 1980s, Cape Cod and New England holiday homes were the main locations of nautical decor. Now, however, with a growing appreciation for nature and a focus on sustainable living, this style has been revived. Compared to earlier incarnations of the nautical look, the latest iteration combines a more sophisticated, minimalist aesthetic with natural tones, layered textures, and organic materials. Here are some design trends that will have you sailing toward a nautical-themed home in 2018.

One of the most common trends associated with the nautical style is stripes. Although this trend is widely associated with nautical décor, you can avoid cliches by using razor-thin Breton stripes or a bold, broad stripe. Keeping the color palette sustainable is key to avoiding the look from becoming stale. Choosing an accent wall color that complements the rest of the decor is another great way to avoid the stripe craze.

Places to buy

The ocean evokes a relaxed, calming mood when decorated with nautical decor. It’s a natural choice for homes that face the water, but the nautical decor is not exclusively for beach houses. Online stores like Go Nautical offer high-quality, stylish accent pieces that would complement any coastal decor. Today, more people are incorporating coastal elements into their decor to add a touch of the seaside to their homes.

Furniture stores can help you decorate your home with nautical accents and accent pieces. Look for nautical accent chairs and cute end tables that feature knot accents. You can also buy rugs and lighting fixtures to complete the look. Online stores have a wide variety of beach-themed decor, including rugs and wall hangings. The options are endless! Regardless of your style, the nautical-themed home decor will help you add a unique, coastal flair to any room.

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