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Native American Rugs – How To Tell Quality

There are a number of different characteristics that you should look for when purchasing Native American Rugs. These characteristics include being handmade, being made of high-quality materials, using natural vegetable dyes, and having end borders and section lines. Purchasing a rug with these characteristics is an excellent investment, and can also make an incredible addition to any room. Read on to learn more about the best ways to determine the quality of a Native American rug.

Authentic Navajo rugs are made from high-quality materials

Authentic Navajo rugs are incredibly durable and are often large in size. They’re also made of high-quality materials, including cotton, which is smoother than wool. However, if you’re looking for a cheaply priced rug, you should be aware that they are not necessarily real Navajo. Though they can be expensive, rugs with these features will last for years.

They are made from natural vegetable dyes

Natural vegetable dyes are a key element in creating beautiful rugs. Vegetables are often used to produce colors that can be difficult to achieve with synthetic dyes. However, a variety of native plants can produce vibrant colors for rugs. Native American weavers used a variety of plant dyes in order to create rugs of all colors, including blues and greens. These natural dyes will continue to increase in price in the future, as they are more difficult to produce.

They have section lines

There are several ways to tell a Navajo rug’s quality. The warp strings, or threads used to make the rug, must be running vertically. Only a genuine Navajo rug will have the warp threads running in both directions. A fake Navajo rug will have cut threads on both sides, while a Navajo rug will have two or three cords sewn together on either side.

They have end borders

Navajo rugs, for example, have distinctive patterns and colors in the corners. Typically, a Navajo rug will have four sacred mountains in the middle. Lightning strikes travel outward from the center area to connect the mountains. In addition, Navajo rugs are vegetable-dyed and yellow in color. Navajo rugs were once part of the collection of actor Edward G. Robinson.

They have fringe

When buying a rug, you may be wondering if it has fringe. But how do you tell if the fringe is genuine or not? To start, look for the twisted side selvage cord. It shows if the rug is made by a Navajo or Germantown weaver. If the fringe is not twisted, the rug may be a fake or a Mexican copy.

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