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5 Ways to Be More Creative with Your Dream Bathroom

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Are you completing the bathroom renovation and looking to add the finishing touches? Or is your current bathroom space looking a little drab? Do you want to create your dream bathroom area?

Livening up your bathroom does not have to take a lot of work, or cause you headaches. With just a few simple changes, your bathroom can get a complete makeover and add to the overall property value while completely stress-free. 

Here are five modern bathroom design ideas that can make even a small bathroom shine. 

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

paint colors used for modern bathroom renovation

One of the simplest ways you can add some new life to a bathroom renovation project is with some new paint. While this can be done by bathroom contractors or a design team, it is also a DIY project you can do on your own. 

Modern bathroom colors can range from a crisp white to something a bit more creative. Some of these colors could include darker greens, deep blues, or neutral colors. You may even consider painting the bathroom walls white but keeping one wall as an accent wall. This would involve painting this accent wall a different, bold color that catches the eye. 

bathroom contractor painting bathroom wall for remodeling project

You’d be surprised just how much a simple coat of paint can do when it comes to rejuvenating a master bath. Especially if you add other furnishings and modern elements to the bathroom remodel, you’ll be amazed at the results.

Catch Eyes with Bold Artwork

bold and modern bathroom design

After you’ve finished painting your bathrooms with fresh colors, it’s time to decorate. Your new bathroom walls are the perfect place to add some bold artwork that ties the room together. 

The important thing to remember when choosing artwork for your modern home is to ensure that the materials will not be affected by any steam that is created in the bathroom. 

modern and creative bathroom with artsy pieces

The artwork can be placed on either side of the vanity, above the bathtub, or just on the accent wall. Make use of some extra space and add some more decoration and creative elements to your home renovation project.

Brighten The Room with Light Fixtures

vintage light fixtures in bathroom renovation

While regular light features get the job done, they don’t add to the modern style of your bathroom renovations. For your next renovation, you can have your bathroom contractor liven up the space and choose more creative light features for your master bathroom or guest bath.

Funny enough, a vintage light fixture can be a great way to add to your modern bathroom interior design. You can find these at thrift stores, garage sales, marketplaces, or consignment stores, saving you money on your project overall.

warm light pieces in modern bathroom design

You may also consider a custom-designed light piece. You can find designers online or can make a DIY light yourself. While this may involve more electrical work, a snazzy light feature is sure to take your bathroom vanity from dull to spectacular. 

Think About Your Showers, Sinks, and Tubs

vessel sink in new bathroom renovation

Some of the most important aspects of the bathroom design are the sink, shower, and tub. Including modern design elements will help the whole space feel sleek and stylish, and keep the area looking clean and fresh.

For the sink or vanities, you may want to try pieces with rounded corners or colorful accents and sink fittings. A vessel sink may also be a great option. These are popular new designs that come in various shapes, sizes, and designs that can match your renovation vision. 

You may also try a freestanding tub or a walk-in shower with a waterfall showerhead. Walk-in showers can make the space more open and feel a lot bigger. Bathroom contractors can do a lot when it comes to making your pieces and fixtures come together for a bathroom renovation. 

These fun and modern bathroom elements can make your bathroom experience one for the books. 

modern walk in shower design for bathroom renovation

Roll Out a Rug In Your Master Bathroom

small rug by bathtub in modern bathroom

While flooring can often be an overlooked aspect of a wet room, there are ways to add some creative design elements to the floor tile. Tiles are a great and sanitary type of flooring for modern bathrooms. But, one way to take the remodeling project up a notch is with the addition of a rug. 

Rugs may seem like an unusual piece in a bathroom, but they can actually add to the visual interest and overall feel of the space. You will want to choose materials that are washable or water-resistant as they are bound to get a bit wet. 

Rugs can be placed by the vanity, the toilet, or on the floor in the middle of the room. They shouldn’t be placed directly under the tub as the rug will get very wet.

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area rug in bathroom space by vanity

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