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Mark Leonard, an Artist Who Works With Aztec Scenic Design

Mark Leonard is an artist and a multi-talented creative personality. He was a chef, inventor, artist, and technophile. He was able to use the new 3D printing technology to change the way Aztec did business and expand the scope of art available to their clients. Here is his story:

Mark Leonard Winter

An actor from Australia, Mark Leonard Winter’s credits include film, television, and theatre. His most recent film is Pine Gap, for which he won an AACTA Award. His television credits include Callum on Inside and in the 2020 ABC drama series Fires, as Joel Welch. Winter is engaged to Geraldine Hakewill. In addition to his acting career, he has also been a part of productions such as Thyestes and Healing.

Gabriel Collazo

A couple of decades ago, Gabriel Collazo was working as an amusement park painter when he was introduced to ceiling treatments. As a painter, he learned the business from the ground up, so to speak. Twenty years ago, he launched Aztec Scenic Design, a company that provides multi-million dollar homes with innovative ceiling treatments. He sought artists who were both engaging and capable of producing high-end work.

A multi-talented creative personality, Mark Leonard had many skills. He was a chef, inventor, and technophile, among other things. Then, he saw a 3D printer and realized its potential. It changed the way Aztec did business, and the company now provides clients with a wider range of art than ever before. It is now the most efficient way to create custom murals and terracotta figurines.

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