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Live Laugh Love – It Is What It Is Nautical Wall Decor

If you’re considering adding a touch of seaside decor to your home, Live Laugh Love offers a variety of seaside-themed accessories. From compass decor to wooden anchors, these accessories bring the beach to your city home. With such a wide selection, your home will feel like a vacation spot. No matter what style of home you have, you’ll find the right accessories to match.

compass rose

A large compass rose wall hanging with a distressed blue finish complements coastal, beach, or nautical decor. The original compass rose pointed to the eight named winds and guided sailing ships at sea. This wall hanging is more decorative than a real compass, though it won’t tell you which direction the wind is blowing! In fact, the large compass rose is a great accent for coastal, beach, or nautical decor, regardless of its placement.

Located on almost every navigation system, the compass rose is considered to be inspirational and grounding. It can help people center themselves in their homes, connecting their surroundings to the world around them, and reminding them of unlimited opportunities. Those who love to travel often keep the compass rose on display, whether it’s on their living room walls or in the yard. This nautical wall decor is an excellent choice for those who love the sea.


This set of two identical pieces of It is what it is nautical wall decor will help you add coastal accents to your home. Each piece has a white finish with a glass front, a navy blue background, and a starfish adornment. This handcrafted set comes with natural imperfections and is perfect for adding character to your nautical decor. If you’re looking for a unique, inexpensive way to add nautical accents to your home, this nautical wall decor set is a great way to start.


A classic design for your home, lobsters’ nautical wall decor is a great way to display the majestic crustacean. From etched barware to a charming melamine lobster tray, there are many different ways to enjoy the majestic crustacean. Choose from a variety of designs to create a look that is uniquely yours. Customize the design by changing the words on the wall hangings. Made in the USA, these decorative accents are a wonderful addition to your home.

Decorative wooden and metal sculptures are an elegant way to add a nautical look to your home. Lobsters are especially popular in coastal and tropical decor. Stainless steel lobster wall sculptures have a metal hook on the back for easy hanging. Alternatively, a traditional wooden lobster figure is an excellent way to decorate your home with nautical accents. The lobsters on this wall art are available in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can choose the exact size you’ll need.


You can find wall art that screams nautical in many different styles, including driftwood, driftfish, and fish. You can also find this type of decor at a retail store or gallery. This coastal-style decor is sure to give your house a coastal feel. Here are some great options:

Wooden anchors are another classic nautical decor choice, and you can get them in a variety of colors and styles. A beautiful way to bring a touch of the sea to your home, these charming wall decor pieces are perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, and even the living room. They can also be used in other rooms throughout your homes, such as the den or study. While these nautical accents are often found on ships and in coastal towns, they’re also suitable for homes with urban settings.

nautical nursery rugs

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